Read Story: Tochi… Episode 13

I started frequenting the library on daily basis with hope of seeing Eve. I would go there with my maths textbook and read up about 2 to 3 chapters before going home.
On the third day, on my way home, i was clutching my math101 textbook on my left hand and my iPhone 6s on my right. An earphone connected to the phone was plugged in my ear and i moved to the rhythm of music that played in my ears.
As i pushed the gate to our logde open, someone touched me, i turned around to see who it was and Ada stood there. I was startled, i wasn’t expecting her to even look in my direction talk more of walking up to and touching me.
“Hi” i said pulling the earphones from my ear..

“Hey, do you know how long i have been calling after you?”

“I’m sorry, i had these on and i couldn’t hear you ” i said referring to the earphones.

” Okay, you are tochukwu right?”

“Yea, i hope no problem?”

“Not really, just that i saw you coming with the maths textbook and i wanted to ask if you offer math101”

“Yes, we do, i’m engineering so we are mathematics ”

” Okay, ermm, i was thinking, Can you teach me? As in help me with mathematics ” she said scratching her head. I was taken aback by this request. I wasn’t even that good in mathematics but i needed to give her a positive reply, first, not to let myself down or make myself appear an olodo to her and second, i needed anything that will bring me closer to this dame.

“Well, yes i can help you, but it may have to be more of a study together thing ” i said trying not to present myself as a whizkid in case i flopped in my teaching duties towards her.

” Okay, its cool with me, i don’t mind ”

” Yea, so where do we meet?” i asked her

“Is my room ok for you or do i come to yours?”

I weighed the balance and decided it was going to be her room. I didn’t need my nosy lodge mates or my hyper active brother interfering.

“i think your room is just fine”

“okay, can we start tomorrow, you know exams are coming up and apparently i must confess i really suck at mathematics”

“okay then, tomorrow by what time?”

“Is the afternoon conducive for you?”

“Yea, its just fine ”

” okay then, thanks dear, see you tomorrow afternoon ”

” You welcome ”

” Hope you know my room” she asked while backing away

“I’ll find my way”

“Okay then bye” she said and left for her logde.

I looked at her as she walked into their gate and in my mind i thought
“we are going to make one hell of a study group Ada”.

I walked into our lodge and my brother was there at the front of our room smiling sheepishly at me.

“Oga maths lecturer God don butter your bread o” he shouted at me.

“Martin were you eavesdropping on us”

“No i was just passing by o”

“Na you sabi” i said and walked into our room.

“See better girl you for bring over here make we teach am the maths together ” he said.
I acted like i didn’t hear him.

To be continued…

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