Read Story: Tochi… Episode 10

“Jesus” she shouted as the footwear landed a little above her chest which i noticed made her breast jingle a bit.
I stood rooted to a point with my hands over my open mouth. I was oblivious of my posture. For some seconds i stood there not knowing what to do next. At this point Ada was observing her white t-shirt and the dirty mark the sneaker had left on it. I managed to walk a little bit closer to her and noticed Lucy was with her. Lucy lived in our lodge and we were all very close. I was a little glad on seeing Lucy there, at least someone to speak on my behalf.
“Am really sorry, i never meant to throw that at you” i started to say in a shaky voice while i fidgeted my fingers which i had managed to slide into my pockets. She looked up at me with an expression that was hard to decipher. Not smiling and not much frown there. She said nothing while trying to brush off the dirt on her shirt. Lucy cast a glance at me and gave me one of her naughty smiles. She pulled a hanky from her pocket and used it in blushing the spot off. I was tempted to go over and lend a hand but i just checked myself to avoid stories that touched.
“Hmm, no problem, i guess i’ll just go in and take this shirt off, lucky my Lodge’s over there” Ada finally said in a voice that made me want to ask her for a kiss.
“OK, i will see you later” lucy replied her while i stood there almost invisible to them but i was glad it seemed i would be left off the hook. Ada walked past me without even looking at me. I heaved a sigh of relief as i turned and my gaze followed her for some distance. Honestly i was observing her perky ass which Lucy seemed to notice. She dragged me into our Lodge holding me by my hand.
“it’s like you want to throw the remaining shoe at her butt too” she said pulling me by my ear. I grimaced and pulled myself away. I saw kossi peeping out from his door with a wicked grin on his face. I pulled the remaining sneaker and threw it at him, this time making sure it landed him squarely on his head before he ran inside.
Emeka rushed out from the room, observed me and broke out into a laughter.
“see them, busy body” i said and picked the sneaker that i threw mistakenly at Ada. Kossi threw the other back at me and i caught it mid air.
“But seriously guy, Ada likes you o” Lucy said. I looked at her.
“yes nah, you needed to hear what she told emeka for stepping on her slippers that she kept outside and this one, you threw ur dirty shoe at her and she just let you go like that, maybe she dy trip for you” Lucy said smiling and winking at me. I looked at the three of them hissed and went inside with my sneakers clutched under my armpit.

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