Read Story: The Painful Pleasure (TPP)… Part 6

“Sorry, can you please shift a bit” the voice of this young lady
brought me back to the scene, because i was lost in thought,
as the sight of her made me wonder if she was a student to
be on OAU campus or not. I adjusted my back-pack closer to
me, giving her enough space to sit comfortably. Another
man came, and in no time, the bus was filled up. “E sanwo
o” A man came to the window, telling us to pay, and we did,
I just gave him 500, since that will save me the stress of
waiting for change.
The bus was ready to move, and it did move. I looked at my
left, i saw ‘baba apari’ (bald old man), i looked at my right, i
saw a damsel. “Should i start a conversation with this
beautiful lady or just keep mute “I thought to myself, and
concluded i was going to do the later. So i just minded my
own business, as i gently brought out the story book ‘Romeo
and Juliet by William Shakespeare’ out of my backpack. I
loved this story so much, though I’ve red it thrice already, i
don’t mind reading it again. As the sound of hooting vehicles
and that of moving cars provided the ‘sound effect’ for my
reading, I just focused, ignoring all other things.
“So guys read this too?” I couldn’t believe it was the girl i
wanted to form for that finally broke the silence. Well,
whether i believe or not, Its true, and i had to reply her. “It’s
not for girls only, so i see no reason why i can’t read it.” I
answered. “So you are also going to resume in OAU?” She
asked, When i heard the word ‘also’, i knew i cannot be more
correct in my thoughts.
Me: Yes you?
The girl: Same here. With this your love for literature, you
must be in the arts and humanities
Me: At all, I’m in the sciences, in fact, I’m going in for
The girl: Are you serious? I’m going in for microbiology too.
Me: So, i just met my first departmental friend (I said
looking straight into her cat eyes), so whats the name of my
The girl: What’s FDF?
Me: First departmental friend of course!
The girl: You are so funny. Anyways, the name is Moji and
you are. . .
Me: Dapo
Moji: Really? That’s my younger brothers name.
Me: That’s great! Anyway, its nice meeting you
Moji: Same here. . .
We continued the conversation, and we were just choosing
topics at random. We talked about politics, the country, the
music industry and lots of stuffs. I’ve discovered that when
you have someone to talk to, journey seems to be faster.
That was how i met my second mate, and my first
departmental friend. “But wait o, how come i haven’t met
any guy?” I said to myself. Well, at the cafe, there were four
guys waiting to do registration, it was only the girl i talked to
and made friends with. “I have not even entered campus
and I’m already behaving like a girl-freak, if i enter campus,
what will happen? When did i become like this? I wasn’t like
this before!” I thought to myself.

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