Read Story: The Painful Pleasure (TPP)… Part 5

Since we lived in the outskirts of Ibadan, i had to board two
different taxis to get to Iwo-Road (like the extreme end of
the city, where you get buses going to other parts of the
country). My mum followed me to Apata where i took a taxi
going to challenge, she waved at me and smiled with tears
(who does that). I waved at her and i rememberd the ‘ranti
omo eni to nse’ speech. This means: remember the son of
whom you are.
You guys know what I’m talking about, there is no one in
Nigeria that won’t hear this speech from either or both
parents when going to the university. These includes stuffs
1. Koju mowe e o: face your studies
2. Ma ko egbe kegbe o: Don’t keep bad company
3. Ma kobirin o: Don’t follow girls e.t.c.
But since my mum knew me to be someone that doesn’t
really like ladies, since i don’t talk to girls in the area, only 1
and 2 above was applicable to me.
To cut the long story short, i got to Iwo road, and i gave a
small boy 100 Naira to carry my load for me with his wheel
barrow. I could have carried it myself, but i just felt that if
everyone should think that way, how will the poor boy get
his means of livelihood? “At least he is better than those
guys with no physical disabilities who beg around.” I said to
I went to the Bus, and seeing my load, the driver said briskly
“E maaa sanwo eru o.” Which means i will have to pay extra
for my luggage. I nodded my head in agreement, and asked
him how much that was, he said 200 Naira, after so much
bargaining, and so much chastisement by the other
passengers, he agreed to take 100 Naira, so with 400 fare,
that will be 500 all together. “Its not that bad.” I. said to
So we were waiting for the bus to get filled. You know those
guys now, they won’t move an inch until the bus is full. I sat
at the third row as the bus has five rows. I would have sat at
the second row but the driver had told us that three people
will sit on a row, except the second row where four people
will sit. Why he said that i didn’t know, and i don’t want to
know. Because i wasn’t really used to traveling, i wouldn’t
want anything that would cause me inconvenience.
On my row there was just one space left as we waited
patiently. One baba with bald head was already on my left,
“who will be my right hand traveling partner” I wondered. . .
There she comes, my sitting partner. As i saw her, i knew she
was also going to resume in OAU. . .

Was I right or wrong? Find out in Episode 6.

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