Read Story: Oga Titus… Part 6

A Story Written By Eze Israel (08173133179)…

Titus:Sii sii taksi,come……..
The taxi parked by his side…
Driver:Where you dey go?
Titus:Na Egbeda o
Driver:Your money150n
Titus:Wetin?? Na Egbeda I dey go no be my village o abi you don smoke?
Driver:You know say fuel don cost na
Titus:E consine me?? No be Una vote change? No be Una do change begins with me? Why I dey say me sef,na with you.
Driver:Oga how much you wan pay
Driver;Aaaah…Oga on top which level na…Pay120n
Titus:80n..You gree or you don’t gree?
Driver:I no gree…Pay 100
Titus:mtcheeew,na God go faya thunder for that your mouth…if no be bcos I don late ah 4 no enter
The driver drove off and dropped him where he requested.. He paid the driver and entered the Mr Biggs,everywhere was cold due to the A.C,he was looking for Laura when he saw her waving.
Titus:So na hear you dey
Laura:I have been waiting for you since
Titus:No vex,I been dey work that’s why.
Laura:Can’t you just put a correct English sentence for once?
Titus:No angry,I will talk good English now
Laura:So what will you like to take
Titus:Give me anything…anything.. Abi beggar like me had choice?
Laura:Nooo..not had choice but have…Wait,Am coming lemme get our menu…
As she went, Titus stood up immediately and went to the toilet.
(Few min later)
Laura:Where has thiz guy gone to
(2min later)
Leave me alone,free me jareeh.She looked and saw Titus arguing with a security man..She went to save him.
Laura:What is that
Titus:No be this idiot for here?
Flaura:(to the security) Yes,what happened
Security: You see this your servant boy,he went inside the female toilet.
Titus:Lawra see make I tell you how e happen..I go toilet go piss but person day 4 the boys toilet na im I say make I check girls own but person no dey at all so I enter com use am fast fast na im this fool see me e con dey shout.
Laura:Pls just let im go but next time don’t it
Security: Madam, just hold your houseboy
Titus:Na your papa be houseboy,idiat.
Laura:Calm down, let’s go and eat.
They settled down to eat then Titus started complaining
Titus:Come which kin harmattan be this,you no dey feel am?
Laura:Ooh you are funny.Its an air condition..
Titus:Hair condition?
Titus:Na im be say women go dey feel cold die,bcoz some of them dey carry that hair condition put for head
Laura:I dnt even understand you
Titus:You no fit understand me bcos you no be understanding mathematics.
Laura:Stop eating the meat pie like that,eat it together with what’s inside, stop removing them
Titus:Okay I don hear you but I no like am that’s why… See wetin dem put inside for person to chop.
Laura:Just manage it please,afterall i asked you before purchasing it…and stop speaking pidgin
Titus continued eating the meat pie the way he was eating it..It provoked Laura and she shouted what kind of human being are you, I can’t take this anymore.. With that she picked her bag and left leaving the stranded Titus alone…

to be continued…

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