Read Story: Oga Titus… Part 20

A Story Written By Eze Israel (08173133179)…

He went inside the compound only to see Laura sitting outside.. Immediately she sighted him she ran towards him to hug and screamed “baby where the hell have you been?”, but Titus ran away from her grab only to see Lara coming from behind and he said,”no hug me o…no hug me o,after I finish wetin I wan do you can hug me as you like.”

But trust women na,they didn’t listen to him and they hugged him from front and back.
They left him after hugging him and he said,”no,continue hugging..winches,Una don destroy my life finish,oya continue na…nonsense.”

He went inside to meet Chief but Chief told him to take his wives and leave his house.

****days later****
Titus wives were in the labor room,he was praying that nothing bad will happen to them..

2hrs later,the doctor came out and asked of Mr.Titus.
Doctor: Are you Mr.Titus?

Titus:Yes,how are my wives

Doctor:(smiling) They are all fine

Titus:(breathing air of relief)Thank God.

Doctor: Congratulations, your wives gave birth to triplet each

Titus:Jehovah is good,thank you Lord.

Doctor: Yes,God is great

Titus:Wait,you say na wetin dey born

Doctor: Triplet each

Titus:No dey use English for me…You dey try say one wife born 3 pikin another wife born 3 pikin……Together na 6 pikins.

Doctor: Yes…anything??

Titus:(crying)Which kind nonsense be this.

He ran out of the hospital and went to chief house,he saw chief outside telling the gateman to clean the gutters and trim the flowers.

The gateman looked afar and saw Titus charging at them with a big stick in hand,he quickly left his Boss and ran inside.

Chief was asking what is that, common will you come here when something was hiten on his head.

Chief: Oh my God, am dead o.

Titus: You go die today, my wives don born 3pikins each, I tel you to gimme money but you dey do stinginess,you must die..

He was hitting Chief so hard and people came to help Chief by holding Titus.

Titus:Make una leave me,you must die today. Leave me,leave me,leave me

Chinedu: Ah ah,what is wrong with this idiot. Oboy,common will you wake up?(giving him a thunderous slap) Na so so sleep you been dey sleep,I don patch tyre finish o. So go pump am

Titus:Ehn,so you mean say na dream I dey since.

Chinedu: Wetin you dey talk sef,e be like say you don chop winch. Go pump tire o before that madam go now.

Titus stood up to pump the tyre,few minutes later a Prado jeep came and was horning.

Chinedu: Oya go give am tyre,no forget to toast am o

Titus:You dey craze,I no go toast anybody

Titus took the tyre to her.

And on getting there,he received the shock of his life,

Titus:Lawra,you again?

Madam:WHAT?! How did you know my name?

Titus:No be you and that your twin sister Lara,wey wan destroy my life because una never marry?

Madam: How did you know I have a twin sister and how do you know am single…

Titus fainted immediately….


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