Read Story: Oga Titus… Part 15

A Story Written By Eze Israel (08173133179)…

Titus was happy that his business is flourishing, of course who wouldn’t be happy.To add to his happiness, his fiancees told him that their dad will be sponsoring the traditional wedding so he should just print invitation cards only… He set the date for the traditional and white wedding,printed cards and gave his fiancees and father to distribute while he does same.

Finally, the wedding came and everybody was happy.
The marriage was well attended,Titus wasn’t expecting such. He danced away his poverty that day,there was enough to eat and drink as everybody ate to their fill unlike some weddings where only family members get to eat food (true/false)..
Nobody regretted attending that occasion as they vowed to also attend the white wedding coming up next week.

Finally the wedding came to an end and everyone left for his/her house.

Titus:today na the happiest day of my life.

Chinedu: I dey happy for you bros,see as everybody just dey happy

Titus:We thank God for everything o

Chinedu: Abii

Titus:That white wedding I go make sure na the baddest in town.

Chinedu: Oga,use your head..Remember say we need to stock shop this week.

Titus:Abeg forget that one..Na my wedding we dey talk about, na one day thing and na 4 life so I need to enjoy it

Chinedu: Make I ask you this question


Chinedu: After spending money on the white wedding, what next?

Titus:E be like say Coolval readers go help me answer am.

Coolvallers,pls help Oga Titus in that question o
to be continued…

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