Read Story: Oga Titus… Part 14

A Story Written By Eze Israel (08173133179)…

They got to the Chiefs gate and knocked, the gateman opened the gate and let them into the sitting room.He left after calling Chief and 5min later Chief came downstairs.

Chief: Yes,how may I help you

Titus:I don come to show you my wife



Chief:In that case lemme call them…

Laura,Lara…Get your 2 left legs here.

They came down to meet their father.

Chief:Here they are so identify.

Titus:(he looked at Laura)How far na

Laura: Baby,I just dey as you left me in this condition.

Titus who didn’t understand the condition smiled and said Sir,na my wife be this.

Chief:How did you know that?

Titus:(whispering in his ear)Bcos na only am sabi speak my pidgin.

Chief:(aloud)Is that so?

Titus:(smiling)Yes sir,so you see na my wife.

Titus:You too there(instead of dear)..So you think you go deceive me,Anambra boy like me.Thunder faya you there.If you call me there (instead of dear) for your mouth again I go give you waka for there.

Laura:(smiling) Dad,you see…Lora was only trying to be smart.

Dad:Hmmm..I see

Lora:Laura,you are very wicked. And as for you Titus (tears forming in her eyes)So upon everything wey I give you, my body and cash.You still wan dump me for my sister,make I see you marry am na.

Laura:Dad,she’s threatning my Fiance.

Titus:Shut up,who be your fi…fi…finance..ehn?In short my head don scatter,I think say na one person dey speak pidgin. Chai Chinedu you no go talk?

Chinedu: Wetin you want make I talk again apart from wetin I don tel you before.

Titus:Wetin you tell me

Chinedu:(whispering) I say make you Marry the two.

Chief: Young man,it is a shame you don’t know your wife.

Titus:Sir,I go sabi dem if you just allow me carry them to bed

Chief:You must be crazy

Laura: Dad,remember am pregnant for him

Titus:You say?

Chinedu: Gbege don burst

Titus:Oga,make I just marry the two

Chief: Can you handle them?

Titus:Wetin dey there…I can

Chief: In that case you have my blessings already. Go and prepare for your traditional wedding,

Titus:Okay sir..Bye babys (instead of babies)

They left their house.

Chief: Thank that man has finally agreed to carry my burden.
Laura:Are you calling us burden dad?

Chief:If you are not burden, what are you?

Common go inside and you both should tell him that I will sponsor the traditional wedding so he should just print cards that’s all.

Laura and Lara:Thank you Dad

They hugged their father..

Titus finally followed some of your advice… Continuing advising him and see where it leads him to.

to be continued…

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