Read Story: Oga Titus… Part 13

A Story Written By Eze Israel (08173133179)…

Chief: So are you both ready to tell me who is fiancee is between the both of you?
Lara:Daddy,am his fiancee
Laura:Daddy,am his fiancee….
Lara:Laura,you a cheap liar!
Laura:Daddy lemme just say the truth
Chief:Yes? Say it.
Laura:Dad Am pregnant for him
Chief:WHAT?! This children has killed me ooo. Pregnant???
Laura:Yes Dad.. 2weeks pregnant
Chief: Both of you should go to your rooms,I don’t want to see you.

They went inside the room.

Lara:Do you have to lie that you are pregnant? Now see the situation you ve put dad. You are heartless, I hate you
Laura:Keep quiet…Its either we both marry him or…
Lara:or what? Ehn or what?You rejected him saying he’s not your type. I picked him up and brought myself down to his level and you are saying trash.I just hate you.

****Titus house****
Titus: But wait o,I notice something.
Chinedu: Wetin you notice?
Titus:The first Lawra dey speak English like Queen Elizabeth but the second one dey talk like me.
Chinedu: So?Wetin con happen
Titus:You no fit reason am?
Chinedu: Reason wetin
Titus:Reason say,the first Lawra wey carry me go Mr Biggs dump me. She con maybe tell her sister,her sister con use opportunity beg me con tell me say remember its me Lawra o.
Chinedu: Ewoo,now I understand.. Wetin go happen now?
Titus:I go go there find out by making sure say they follow me talk….You understand
Chinedu: I understand and I agree with you.. Make we dey go now?
Titus:For sure na.
They left for Chiefs house…

Do you think he will find out who is who??
As for me,I think so…let’s see in the next episode.

to be continued

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