Read Story: Oga Titus… Part 11

A Story Written By Eze Israel (08173133179)…

A week later,Titus and Chinedu were seen coming down from a taxi.
Titus:Oga taksi,wait for here
Driver:Your money dey increase so o
Chinedu: How much sef
Titus:Only?? Chinedu carry that crate and follow me.
Chinedu: Meaning what?
Titus:You dey ask me questions
Chinedu: Titus just know say no condition is permanent, na me make you toast am o.Remember.
Titus:Don’t worry,when I marry am her papa go settle her so she go gimme the money.I go settle you there after
Chinedu: You sure?
Titus:Yes,just carry am.
Chinedu carried the crate to a big gate and Titus knocked. A gateman opened the gate for them and saw the drinks.
Gateman: Ooooh na our in-law….come inside come inside.
They entered inside and were taken to the parlor to wait for chief. Few minutes later,Chief came down and they exchanged pleasantries.
Chief: So what do you do for a living?
Titus:Sir,I dey work to live
Chief:What kinda work
As Titus wanted to talk Chinedu interrupted
Chinedu: Sir,he’s a businessman.. Importer to be precise
Chief: Oh!Nice one but who are you young man.
Titus interrupts..
Titus:Na my best friend from small
Chief: I see…So you came for my daughters hand in marriage
Titus:Oga if e no be that wetin go carry me come.
Chief:Hmmmmm..So,lemme call them so you can show me the particular one…Laura,Lara..come here.
Two identical twins came out and Titus was shocked.
Chief: So which of them?

to be continued….

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