Read Story: My Office, My Clients And My Career… Part 35

This is another story written by Snakie86 (08020998942)….

I tort i was dead until i realized it was my arm he shot…….they
started arguing among demsef “y u shoot am now? U no suppose
put the trigger yet, remember the skippo instruction”………I just
sample am, make the guy no say no be play play, moreover the
guy go still die tonight…..Na tonight no be tomorrow…Bastard.
I started urinating on my body when i heard today will be my final
day on earth, so many thought on my mind, i started remembering
all what have done and started seeking for forgiveness from God
for all my sins and i hope he will hear my voice.
It was around 5pm when skippo arrived and all of them started
hailing him…i was soaked in my own blood already..skippo moved
closer to me and raised up my head, looked into my
Me:”slowly”…..Finishing…….Finishing, baba ooooo (finishing is
the nickname of skippo way back in our university days)
Skippo:Snakie……………….padi mi……Na u fccck up, Ahhhh…u
fumbled,which kind nonsense u go do now…..ahhh..which kind
nonsense b dis
Guy: Baba u no am ni……
Skippo: this guy na my guy now..tipe tipe…………………….wetyn
we go do now? And i no dey go back for my word, but who shoot
am first
Guy:the guy just dey make noise na him we sample am jare
Skippo: If client come, we go know how we go settle am cos
snakie no fit die oooooo, i prefer to die than make snakie die
Guy: baba to yen to yen ni (e reach like that)
Skippo:e pass that one ooooo…..Abeg make una clean am up
make we dey go house, abeg call shade make she carry all her
accessories come make she come treat snakie for house….
That was how they untied me, carried me and i was relieved, at
least am not going to die for now…I said to myself “TY na ediiot,
so, he actually wanted to kill me cos of BJ”.

**********Throw back about finishing**********

I met finishing in my two hundred level in the university, he was a
friend to my course mate though he was in another faculty….he
belong to a confra and he always disturb me to com and join them
but i always decline. I was a brilliant student that everybody
respected in school. To bail myself out, Finishing will always
come and pick me up to write exam for him……from two hundred
level till four hundred level, i was the one that did 90% of finishing
exams and most of their hit men and number one, it got to a stage
that i got tired but i don’t have options..the only thing they gave
me way back then was protection and freedom.
Like two or three times, finishing would have been killed way back
in school but i was always at the wrong place to save him. There
was even a day he was pursued to my house and i hid him
somewhere, i was carried away, beaten mercilessly and almost
killed by one of their rival confraternity. I was glad to graduate
from the university without being hurt or killed.


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