Read Story: My Office, My Clients And My Career… Part 34

This is another story written by Snakie86 (08020998942)….

It was on a normal Saturday, I was in my room taking a nap (just
on my boxers), I felt a body touching me and hand inside my
Dickson, I quickly turn back, remove the hand and turn back to
Me:What are you doing here Lovelyn? Out pls..(I pushed her
away going to the door)
Lovelyn: You have nowhere to run to baby boy
“lovelyn had already locked the door and kept the key somewhere
that I didn’t know, even though the door was not that hard but I
couldn’t force it open couple with the fact that she started
dragging with me and came up with her crazy stuff of shouting of
Molest. I gave into her after so much pleading and dragging after
which she told me that it will be her last attempt on me that I
should just give her what she wanted.
Our bleeping had only lasted just fifteen minutes when the door
was forcefully opened on us
WHAT…………………………LOVELYN….It was Micheal and my
landlord that opened my door..(the ediot babe didn’t remember
to lock the main door, forgot her slippers at the entrance, pull off
all her cloth in the sitting room)
Dickson came down immediately, lovelyn was not even
remorseful at all but i started sweating and scared as i
understand what might happen if they should tell Mrs Juliet….i
don die already. I chased lovelyn out of my room even though
she still wanted to stay…..That night was a miserable one for
me as my landlord came to my room and started shouting on me
calling me all sort of names, he make sure the attention of those
in our neighbourhood was called into the matter as everybody
was just raining abusive words on me..i tried to explain to them
it wasn’t my fault and they kept saying even if she wanted to
bleep me, why did i do it…i was disgraced, embarrassed and
rejected….Me that people in my area use to respect immediately
turn to something else..i lost my pride, my integrity and my
dignity as a person. My landlord make me realized that since my
rent will expire next month, i should just pack my things and
leave the house as he doesn’t need animal like me in his
compound again.

I couldn’t sleep in the house cos of the incident and i realized i
cant continue staying there….I picked some of my cloth inside
my booth and went to stay in a friend place, i needed to cool
down in a lonely area to think about the way forward in my
life……..i called Mrs Juliet and she wasn’t picking, i sent msg
she didn’t respond all through the weekend…..i was becoming
so scared and restless
I got to work on Monday and after our normal meeting, My new
boss called me into his office around after ten in the morning
TY: well done snakie
Me: Thank You sir
TY: Do u know why i called u?
Me: Not really Sir
TY: I called you so that we can have one on one discussion as
men and i believe you should know what am saying
Me:I don’t think i know sir
TY: You see this our job ehn…have made so many mistake on it
as regards decision making, have neglected so many tyns which
ought not to be so…i don’t want to bother you with stories but
the bottom line is am ready to amend all the mistakes have made
regarding my family, i want to be a proud father, a proud husband
and a leader everybody will be proud of. What am saying in
essence is that me and you can never work in this organization
together again, one person has to go for the other and i believe
you should know who is going………Have thought about this all
through the weekend and my decision, i first decided to go the
hard way but i realized you are still a young guy and you can still
live up to your potential. I realized it wasn’t your really your fault
for what happened cos i left the vacuum for you to come in……If
you still want me to go the hard way, i still have my way and i
can always pull the trigger……so, plz pack your things and go,
this is your letter, we thank you for your time and dedication to
this organization.
Me: what exactly did i do sir cos u are just talking in parables
TY: U see snakie, u are a sharp and brilliant guy and you don’t
need to waste your life like this, i was surprised when i was
shown all the chat, pictures of everytyn between you and my wife
and you know what am saying you this
animal……………………….Get your belongings and get out of
this office…bastard, omo irankiran
Me:with due respect sir, i take everytyn but pls don’t abuse my
TY: who are you and who is your family….Bastard
Me:am warning you for the last time sir
TY:get out of here (raising his voice)…………………….
Me: wont i go before…i will but lemme tell you my last word, you
don’t deserve that woman, she’s not meant for you as you don’t
value her…..incase you don’t know, she means everytyn to me
and cherish her more than you do, i love her so much and i will
continue to love her till fucccck off with your letter
(tore it and threw it on his face)……
I banged the door and saw tayo, bayo and some other staffs
eavesdropping by the door, i went straight to my office, pack my
tyns and left..i was in my car thinking of what to do, BJ’s
number was not going, Mrs Juliet was not picking her
calls…uhmmmmm, is this how am going to end my career? What
should i do now?
I decided to make my way to Mrs Juliet office, i met the secretary
who said i should wait let her inform her that i was around even
though i know her office was made in a way she will be able to
see people outside but those outside cannot see whatever is
happening in her office. She came back and ask me to wait..i
waited for like 30mins and i was not able to see her, I sent
message to her that i will be waiting for her in the guest house
later in the evening as there’s something important i want to see
her for. I also received a message from Tayo begging me for
what happened which made me realized she must have been the
one that told TY but how did she know?
I left and went down stairs, i was by my car when two guys
accosted me pointing gun at me “Oga, don’t move, just cooperate
and move inside your car” they collected my key and two of them
entered the back with me while one started driving “pls, what did
i do” “pls and pls, i will give you anytyn” i started pleading to
them….One of them just said “shut up” and hit me with the gun
he was holding.
The next thing i remembered was that i found myself in an
uncompleted building, my hand tied behind my back and my leg
also tied together, there were four guys there smoking and
drinking, all of them holding pistol. i was pleading for my life
seriously and one of them responded “sebi e dey sweet u wen
you dey do am, e go sweet you reach hell fire today”….when i
didn’t keep quiet, they started beating me seriously, serious
beating with different things, after an hour of beating and they
asked me to keep quiet again and one of them got infuriated…” U
think say na seresere we dey follow u do? U dey mad?……..the
nxt thing was gbaoooooo”.


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