Read Story: Mission Impossible… Part 6

Story by Michael Luxguy Augustine
I was just too feared to move.the faces i see aint smiling in any bag dropped on the ground,i suddenly found myself down too begging for mercy even without committing no crime.
I kneel pleading without response for like 11 good minutes with my clothes soaked with sweat,the sweats were even entrying my eyes but i ignored it then three men walked in through the gate on did well enough to stop and padlock the gate preventing any other person from entering.i took a good look at them and was able to recognised two,they were those two boys that came to seat with me in class today but i could not clearly see the face of the guy in their middle because his own black beret was covering him down to his eyes leaving just a little space for him to see from and he seem comfortable with it
1st Guy:so i come your class come give you message you no stil understand
2nd Guy:you even wan run.capon wetin make we do am now
Capon: (the guy in the middle of both guys.adjust his beret well now exposing his fine boy face) you want to run?
Me:no sir,am sorry sir
Capon:you can run because we have become your shadow
Me: (shadow ke)thank you sir
Capon:we follow you everywhere you go
Me: (ah follow me!) yes sir,thank you sir i appreciate
Capon:keep shut my friend,am still am sure you saw my note and the axe that came with it?
Me:yes sir,yes sir,i even kept it well sir
2nd Guy: (slap my back head)you dey craze,you wan run you say you keep am
Capon:now enter inside and pick up the axe to show you have accepted being one of us and refusal means you are dead
Me:ah sir,i just enter school sir,my mother is late and i dnt have a father,please sir have mercy on me
1st Guy:you are darft o,who asked you all this story you just told?
Capon:butcher (2nd guy answered)
Butcher:my capee am at your service(brought out a small knife from his waist)oya chose fast.membership or death…i knew this guys werent smiling,they meant business and ready to kill.i stood up from where i was kneeling,tears filled my eyes,my whole body was shaking like that of a leaf,i was even forcing myself to move.i entered inside alone,i was now faced with a hard dilemma,to throw my dreams away and pick cannibalism and slow death(the axe) or bravely die a i dont need or want to die.i moved to the axe and picked it up,i heard myself asking me “daniel are you sure you are taking the right path?” i just couldnt think out something.i took the axe and stemped outside,holding the axe firmly and trying to be bold but i still found myself shaking.
Capon: (smiles)you are now a man but still not fully qualified as a member because you bear no mark of botherhood saturday matchety would come here by 11:30pm to pick you up for final initiation…i couldnt answer yes or no,i just stared like i was on punishment.a guy ran to the gate and opened it then the capon added
Capon:and one more thing.if you act funny or try anything funny,hahaha,butcher tell him what will happen
Butcher:rain go use dry season fall for your head…then they began leaving one by one in a straight line like occult men do.i just stood still watching them live.when all of them were out of sight my lodge mates started tip toeing into the compound one after the other all staring at me like i was a new ghost in the lodge.
I knew another chapter had just been opened in my life.
I regained my conciousness and realized i was still holding the axe.

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