Read Story: Mission Impossible… Part 44

Story by Michael Luxguy Augustine
Dad: daniel don’t threaten ur elder brother
with death again and i dont want to ever see
u fighting him
Me: ok dad
Step Mum:i dont get what has gotten into
Me:ma na love,its so obvious he is in for that
girl already
Step Mum:then she better be out of him
Me:i need to go think well,am worried already
Josey:me too…i storm out to my room and
josey followed behind
Josey:is there nothing we can do to help
bigger bro marry the girl?
Josey:why nothing? What if she changes,as in
what if she has repeated,can she be given a
Me:if she like make she repeat or repaint it
still doesnt change the fact that dad smashed
her before and dont u think that dad would
keep viewing her with that old eyes!
Josey:its true o but that girl is really
beautiful,i wonder why she gave or she is
giving out her body for money
Me:the love of money is the begining of a new
Josey:that’s nonsense
Me:thank God u know because the day u try
such would be the day u would go ahead of
me to gree God
Josey:hmmm,is it true u killed before and was
once a cultist?
Me: iffah slap u eh but sha its true and i tell u
it almost destoryed my life,is just by his grace
so if u like go join u hear
Josey: God forbid
Josey:but wait o,who do u think bigger bro
want to introduce tomorrow
Me:hmmm that’s true o but i think it same
Josey:no,i dont think so,it might be someone
Me:someone else like?
Josey: oooh com’on big bro,later u wld say
am a kid but am almost telling u everything
Me: (playfully)iffah nod u eh.tok jawe
Josey:someone else like someone related to
u,someone close to ur heart
Josey:maybe ur ex-lover or…
Me:josey come off it ok because i dont have
an ex(i interrupted her)
Josey:then it should be nancy
Me:hahaha,nancy? It cant be nancy,where
would he see her
Josey:he said he wld hurt u,forgotten? Or do u
think nancy would never be found? And beside
bigger bro has better chances of finding her
before u
Me:jesus!! O my God,i never thought toward
that side
Josey:so what do we do?
Me:emm,urrhm nothing yet,till tomorrow if it
happens….silence stoke the room.
The next day things when on well till
evening,observer had not returned since he left
the house yesterday,it was 9pm sharp when
the seating room door cracked opened,we all
were in the seating listening to the even
news,quickly i looked and behold it was
observer holding the waist of my beautiful
angel nancy,i stood on my feet immediately as
he loudly annouced to the family from the
door where they both stood
Observer:behold the woman of my dreams
Nancy: (let out a smile)good evening everyone
Dad:wow what a beauty,i give my
support,come close my daughter
Step Mum:what an angel so u gat my support
Josey and Co:welcome aunty
Me: (shouted)neverrr,its not
possible…..everyone turned to me as i put up
that lion look
Dad: daniel,what?
Me:this is the nancy i had been talking about
and looking for all this while,the same girl
that saved me in court
Step Mum:isaac is that true?
Josey:i knew it
Dad:wait a minute,so its her?
Nancy: (looking confused)i dont understand
what is going on here
Observer:buhahaha,sweetie u wont understand
because they all are confused,buhahaha
Josey:bigger bro why are u doing this
Observer:are u insane? I found her first and
purposed to her first so what’s the crime
Me:but u dont love her,u just doing this to
hurt me but u knw what it wont work because
its either i die or u die
Dad:enough of this all of u.and u young
lady,am sorry u cant marry my son isaac
Observer:am not ur son and u dont like me
one bit so dont pretend and for ur information
i dont need ur blessing to get married to her
Josey:i never knew you were such a
beast….he rushed to slap her and i quickly
blocked him and pushed him so hard,he fell
down hitting his head on the ties and gave up
the ghost immediately.gbaguan yawa don gas
as fear gripe me and his mum burst out with
tears,nancy’s hands on her chest with her
mouth wide open as fresh blood pour out from
observer’s head.

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