Read Story: Mission Impossible… Part 39

Story by Michael Luxguy Augustine
Me: doctor pls is my father dead?
Doctor: do u want him dead
Me:talk to me is he dead
Doctor:come to my office
Me: doctor pls(hangs up on me)tell me what
is wrong pls,hello! hello!! helloo.o s–t he
hung up on me
Observer:what’s the problem
Me:i jst dnt know,pls speed to the hospital.
after we left the hospital i drove home this
time with observer and Sir Winners that i met
at the hospital.the doctor jst spoke like a
living being now.he had asured me 80%
chances of my fathers survival.when we got
home i meet a new gate man,if the old one
was killed or he resigned i cant tell yet bt i
believe my father wld know and
sir winners went to bed,they said they are tire
so i let them retire to bed bt as for me i am
used to it,if u can vividely remember i was
once and still a night worker,posting
obituaries at night and even killed at night.i
just sat thing of my past life and where i wld
have been by now.oh cultism is really a bad
thing,i wondered why Wale Soyinka,the said
famous proffessor introduced cultism,what
was he even thinking that made him do so but
well its his fault and also not his fault,those
days when he created that fraternity it was for
a good purpose not untill some idiots,NFA(No
Futur Ambition) began to established theirs all
in the name of protecting brotherhood and can
u imagin,the same people the claim they are
protecting are the same people they are
killing,are u a dog or a goat that cant learn
from others mistakes? Those that joined are
fighting to come out and u mumu,u want to
feel belong,u want to be feared and u are
fighting to get in,if u belong u are doomed for
life,if u dont get kill(that is if God so much
love u) then the bloods u had shade would
fight against u all u life,u would never be at
peace or do u think God was sleeping when he
said “those that killed by sword shall die by
sword” it may not be now bt it must catch up
with u or ur generations,if u join cult and
become a cultist u just started a journey to a
land yet to be named but the inscription on
the gate of that land is U ARE DOOMED.they
wld teach u to kill,lie,steal,rape,fool
urself,distroy ur bright destiny,fight,become a
first son to every babalawo,papalawo and even
mamalawo,they would teach u everything bad
in this world inculding how to smoke anything
smokable,drink,have useless boldness,look for
un-necessary trouble and above all u would
become a madman without u even knowing
it,speaking english not in dictionary all in the
name of slangs(i augustine the writer of this
story was attacked 4 days ago,they said i was
revealing their secrets and i was injuried,all
the matchet they used on me didnt penetrate
becuz God is my protector and nw i want to
reveal one mumu secret people far)u see all
those oath u are forced to take when u
become a member,my guy its just to scare u,it
does not work,shebi they said they would
watch ur back abi? Fine,look for trouble they
wld fight for u but when the fight born belle
them go run leave u.oyah go fuckup na those
of them wey claim say them be ur shadow go
kill u imagin.oyah na if them too strong then
why is it that when they kill they start running
why? Abi na another form of swag be dat?.
I daniel kybee far no man born of a woman,i
was forced against my wish to join cult but
mind u am not giving u that as an excuse but
i swear nobody can force me to do what i dnt
want to do again.
a month later my father was discharged from
the hospital,he had gotten better well enough
and my now observer had graduated and sure
enough he has replaced matchety,he is now
my close friend.who said Soso isnt dead! He is
dead jawe,i even saw him in hell in one of my
dreams lol but my is up side down now,i
stopped school due to those cult issues and
after that cult case the school expelled
me,what do u expect before,nah wetin cult dey
cause be that.myself,my step
siblings,observer’s mother,observer and father
moved back parmanantly to lagos,Sir Winners
and mama Clinton no gree live village o
especially that heavenly mantion father built
for them,o boi old people too like village i no
no why o.guess what! My father married a
beautiful charming and calm woman and
guess who again that woman is observer’s
mother so that made her automaticall become
my stepmother and observer my step
brother.after my dad brushed the woman
up,hmmm come and see young angel,she was
young and beautiful indeed,nna proverty can
change a human look i swear and money can
save a human look lolz but something is
missing,what would that be???

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