Read Story: Mission Impossible… Part 38

Story by Michael Luxguy Augustine
We quickly raised both hands up as a sign of
surrandering,then i turned in slow motion only
to see an LG plasma television hanging up,na
one mumu film like that o where chika ike be
wan burst one maga head nah im police kom
come they shout “DON’T MOVE OR U DIE,DROP
UR WEAPON” guy i be wan mad lolz,observer
bursted out with low laughter as we both put
down our hands
Observe: (still laughing)o boi my mind don fly
reach village o
Me:no time,lets go meet up and leave…we
spread our selves,when we got closer to the
pool the light around it was dimed,it wasnt
bright enough so the place was somewhat
dark,the idiot was having fun,pressing boobs
and laughing like one indian goat **but sha
some girls mumu o,because of money man go
carry u and another person join u,sleep with u
and then pay u off,chai devil must give u
kerosine and fuel with liter to take do ur own
seperate hell fire o**
i signaled observer whom was on the other
side,he brough out something from his
pocket,target the bulb giving light to the pool
and gbam,it bursted and everywhere in the
pool went dark as i immediately went into the
pool and sinked down
Chief Soso: (to one of his security)u check
what is wrong with that bulb
Security: ok sir(he walks off)
Chief Soso:it seem like something went into
this pool
1st Girl:yea,maybe its the particles from the
bulb(girls,mens doom)
Chief Soso:yea,yea u are right…the security
came back
Security:it bursted sir
Chief Soso:go inside and get the other bulb
Security: ok sir(walks off)…chief soso resumed
swimming with the girls as a patiently waited
for him in the water,i was loosing breath,then
pim,i hold him down and began to drawn him
but i couldnt last anylonger,i was out of
breath so i came u but still holding him,as we
came up the girls shouted but the question is
who would help them,observer had already
killed the two security men.i dragged him out
of the pool inculding the girls
Chief Soso: pls dont kill me(kept on pleading)
Me:evil politician,so u kill people but dont
want to die abi?
Observer:na so them dey do o,dey too value
their life but other life means nothing to them
1st Girl: (shivering)please dont kill us please
(kept on pleading)
Me:sorry girls we cant let u live either
2nd Girl: (shivering)pls let us go and i swear
we would never come back(chief soso’s
pleadings echos out)
Me: chief soso today marks ur end,i am sky
the only son of the man you shoot today
(raised both hands up in demostration)but
there is good news for u and band news for
me is that my father is still struggling for his
life.the good news for me and bad news for u
is that he is not dead yet,u know why?
Chief Soso:no no ooo,please am sorry
Me:why is because u would die before him and
he would come here with me to eat ur burial
Observer:hahahaha,this kind people burial rice
they sweet die o i swear,i don chop am before.
Chief Soso: please i would give u anything u
want,is it money,cars or houses i would give
but please let me live please,just spare my life
Observer:big men and grammer,the boy don
make am clear to u say na ur life him want u
kom still dey blow grammer,nah which spare
part u dey fine again…i picked up the gun of
the dead security man,shot his left leg,he let
out a loud cry then i shot his right hand,his
shouts and that of the girls were just too loud
so i shot his other leg and hand and then
pushed him into the pool,then i othered
observer to kill the girls,he just broke their
neck and they became lifeless,chief soso was
shouting as he drown,we stood and watched
him till he sinked ontop of the pool with blood
still gushing out of his body,then we began
walking to the door,there i saw the second
security who had gone to bring bulb,he was
lying dead
Me: (to observer)bad boi
Observer:na so but na u bad pass…
We got to that door we had earlier heard
“dont move”we stood staring at the
television,then we resumed our laughter as we
walk off the compound into the car,then a call
came in from the my father dead? I
asked him as i picked the call.

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