Read Story: Mission Impossible… Part 20

Story by Michael Luxguy Augustine
I wokeup in the morning,put on black and white,covered my head with a blue cap and left to school.i got to school i saw students already gathered,reading the poster,most of them were holding the hand bill.i walked closed to a small fence close by and sat there observing everything,then i saw sugarB and Terrible walking up to one of the posters,i saw them act shockly and from where i was sitted with my face cap covering my face i could hear them.sugarB quickly brought out his phone,i believe he was calling Viper
SugarB:viper where u dey? Come quick because as i dey talk now eh yawa don gas o.u nor dey hear! as i dey talk to u now eh ur obituary,sorry ur vipertuary poster containing ur picture don cover school o.which one be as how na.who again if no be sky,do come school come see for ur self.guy i mean am,that sky mean war i swear o,im don cast u reach i sure say him dey town now as i dey follow u talk so.the guy say im be one man squad galadima o and im say im must fall u o.ok dey kom but dey careful o…ends call
Terrible:chai which kind tin be dis na
SugarB:i warn capon when im wan balm dis boy o but im no hear(i smile for were i dey)
Terrible:me terrible,iffah catch that idiot eh
SugarB:make we dey clear now…both of them started walking away from the scene
Me:hahaha see terrible wey nor get liver dey brag for were i dey o,ok na,u go be next,make i block that viper for house first…i jumped down from the fence and left school,i went home,took my battle axe and left the house.on my way my father called to know if i was ok,we spoke at length before ending the call
i got to viper’s apartment,i missed him,he wasnt at home,gadmit,he is so lucky but not very lucky because ama wait for him till he gets back.i opened his house with a master key,entered and locked it back.
let me tell u a little about viper,his real name is Andy Okon,a calabar boy.the guy is living a big boys life,he does not stay in hostle like most students do and the most annoying part of it is that he is from a poor family but claiming school big boy just because blackers are helping him with stolen cash(both mission and co) but too good his enjoyment ends today.
by afternoon he still wasnt back,i was hungry so i opened his kitchen,saw some packs of indomie,crate of eggs and co
Me:hahaha,o boi see enjoyment o…i took my time,prepared 2 super packs,broke 4 eggs inside and boiled 3,i sliced carrots,pepper,onions and tomatoes inside,trust indomie na,e nor dey waste time at all.i opened his freezer and saw drinks well arranged(o boi dis boy dey enjoy life sha,make i help am small na)i took two bottles of gulder as the ultimateman na,”e wata go!” i sat down and downloaded everything to my stomach,after eating nepa brought lite,o boi enjoyment completed,i turned on his television and got myself busy with 9 sharp i heard someone opening the door,i knew it was viper,i quickly turned off the television and lite and hid myself by the door holding my battle axe,he opened the door locked it and then switched on the lite but before he could turn around my axe was already at his back neck
Viper: (shocked)sky
Me:yes na me,one man squad galadima
Viper:how u take enter my house
Me:for ur mind nah only u be shadow abi,me ma na shadow nah
Viper:i say how did u get in here
Me:na the same way wey una take dey mumu those days enter my room go drop letter nah that same way i don mumu enter to kill u
Viper: please dont kill me abeg
Me:u forget the rules say forgiveness na sin?
Viper:but we are bothers nah
Me:bro wetin? we be brothers na im u get mind come kill P man? we be brothers na im u get mind shoot me for hand? we be brothers na im u get mind kill my best friend,i fellow brother? we be brothers na im u fine me and my p man come airport to kill? and i sure say if dem give u chance kill me u go do one time
Viper:me! i dey craze to kill u abi i fit?
Me:so u no no say u dey craze sinc abi.anyway before i kill u make i first thank u for the food wey i chop here,e too sweet chai,i come use 2 bottles of gulder download am but i dey vex because u no keep titus sardine join am
Viper:ah na since morning u don dey here? abeg no vex make i go buy am come
Me:no worry urself,i no mumu like u nah but sha wen u reach hell,abeg buy am keep for me
Viper:no no no abeg…i raised my axe and butchered him to body was covered with blood,i stared at him for a while
Me:dis is a message to the capon to wait for me,Terrible would be next in line…i tured and left the house.

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