Read Story: Mission Impossible… Part 14

Story by Michael Luxguy Augustine
Me: who be the man and wetin be my business with am?
Capon:the man in question is called chief Ede and i want you to go and become his driver
Me:hahahaha,the boss the boss
Capon:wetin happen,why you dey laugh
Me:the boss you say make me,DANIEL KYBEE in capital letter for that matter,a.k.a the sky,the only man that can’t be predicted,make me,carry my two legs,waka go become driver,for wetin nauh,as as how?
Capon:wait! you dehy craze? you kiss craze abi you f–k witch? iffah slap your carrer e go affact your future,shey becoz say i dey keep you quite nah im kom dehy give you mind! i go put bullet for your brain,you dehy craze?
Me:the boss what sup nau,it is play we are sky disobey the boss,(use one finger to demostrate)i dehy craze,even if i kiss craze no be 4 ur side nah so the boss,calm is play we are,oyah tell me anything u want make i do and i go do am,shey nah make i put bullet for im head abi na to butcher ram,just yarn me
Capon:nah now u dehy talk.see eh u go become im driver
Me:the boss see eh,how i go take force the man to be im driver nah and u know say the old man go don get driver
Capon:calm down nah,see na me be the capon,the unshakable.immediatly i got the contract i began monitoring him and i can asure you that he is in need of a driver at the moment so all you would need to do is to apply,get the work and continue monitoring him for just 8 days,by then the ground would have been clear by then.during all this we would keep in touch with u.
Me:so how do i kill him?
Capon:you won’t kill him,your work is to creat space for his death
Me:but who is these chief Soso that you are talking about?
Capon:forget him for no till the elimination is done.just do the job well and you gat 5million share from the 15million pay
Me:ah the boss,you go find me something first nah
Capon:sky sky
Me:the boss the boss
Capon:u eh,u too like money
Me:ah capo,na who no like money for this cabal,make dem go do the person medical checkup be that nah
Capon:funny sky.i go first give u 3bay then after the mission you go get the remaining 2bay,i just dey give u 5bay sake of say u be my guy o so no go fumble o
Me:the boss see eh u over too much infact eh after u na u,i no fit shout be make i tell u,u see the water wey Chief Ede use harmattan season fetch,rain go fall for him head during dry season,i tell u.look me well,i go run am,i swear i go run am
Capon:na d tin wehy make me lyk u be dis.
Me:abeg just begin see the man as person wehy don puff(die)but eh hw i go take know the man?
Capon: (brought out a photo of chief Edeh)na im be dis
Me:chai,chaiiii,obituary,infact edehtuary na im be dis.see capon make i go prepare,no maro at all
Capon: ok nah,before u reach house ur 3bay go dey wait…stood up and left
Me:correct guy.i too like u…i got up,pick my bag and went home and guess what,i met the 3bay(three million)waiting for me in a small Ghana Must Go bag.o boi see money,i die here,hahaha,i be richman o,maro don sale welle.i rushed outside my lodge met students in the compound
Me:guys hafa na
Students:we dey o
Me:guys i just win bet 9ja and as e be say una dey 13 outside make the 13 of u just take this 200,000 bay sale body first
Students:heeeey,God bless o
Me:make una no vex say the money small,na 800,000 bay i win.when the students wehy nor dey around come back make una tell them to halla me for their own share
Students:bros u too much..i just gave them the money and went back inside,feeling like the galadima(gallant boy) i am but wait o,how long would this cult of a thing continue,they might even be planning me and am here fooling myself and see i have even stopped the search of my fathe Mr Vincent Kybee,no o,after this mission i must find him o wether the devil likes it or not o.
.i remembered Sir Winners and my siblings,i made a few calls,got my bag and set off to Edo to see my adopted family before anyother thing.

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  1. PRECIOUS AMAECHI say;no it shuld’nt end here, complete it abeg

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