Read Story: Journey To Igbo Irumole… Part 9

A story written by ademolar

Vincent brought the idea that we should hid somewhere, but kola object him saying it might be very risky cus the monster is very powerful and it moves with wind, we all agree to what kola says,then we put on our touch and we start running, but the problem is we don’t even know maybe we are running towards his direction or not cus the sound keep booming louder and louder.

The day was actually getting brighter, but the moon is still very visible, then something told me we should stop running else we will fall into the deadly monster’s trap,immediately I told everyone to stop running and but some of them disagree saying it’s too dangerous to stop, I warned them that running is more dangerous than stopping after giving them enough excuse, they finally agreed, we all hid ourselves in the bush, then we saw the monster coming from where we all were actually running to..

Cynthia : ah! Tank God o,naso we for enter him hands ni
Me : I told you
Kola : so what’s next now?
Me : the search continues ‎
Vincent : so which direction do we go now ?
Me : we head west
Kola : no , let’s take east
Me : why?

Kola : cus right from the beginning of this search, you have been directing us as you wish and we won’t take that from you, we are not your slaves and you are not even the strongest here, if you wana lead you have to fight for prove yourself strong (getting ready for a fight)

Me : kola, am not trying to lead am just doing what the spirit tells me,so why are you guys getting upset?
Sege : ben we don’t want you as the leader if you want to lead, then take up the challenge
Chris b : yes ben take up the challenge
Me : ok, I agree with you guys, let kola lead..
Kola : good!we head east and it’s high time we defend ourselves we what we have, we don’t have to run always,‎
Me : kola no let’s just keep running we all know we have 4 days left for this search and that has possibly tell us that we don’t have much time.

Vincent : hey ben just shut up, u coward..
We followed what kola said, then we get to a river bank, the water is as pure as a crystal clear glass, but to me, it’s as black as a charcoal.. then everyone try to drink from it..I quickly remind them of what the herbalist man told us,yet they never listen then Chris jumped into it and drank out of it, as he was trying to show others that the water is safe , something strange happened..

To be continued

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