Read Story: Journey To Igbo Irumole… Part 8

A story written by ademolar

We hid from their sight as we move from that spot to somewhere else and cover ourselves with leafs ..then they both checked our previous spot…and they walked down to where we are, but they can’t see us cus of the leaf…the female one stand on blanny’s back whilst the male stand on my leg, though them get weight small sha..

Mehn, this short thing go brake my leg here o, I said inside of me, blanny’s eyes don almost turn red like tp and kp’s own when them just kush (in bojan’s voice..

Then I hear something dropping like water on blanny’s body, at first I thought was rain, but the elders say na masquerade whey wan fall him own hand go talk say make rain fall untop him head. So if that’s true why ain’t they running then.. that was when I realise that the female one was urinating on blanny’s body, at first I want to laugh but I know if I try such that will be my end,so I have to stay silent to avoid story that touch..

Female : I can smell something like those one sleeping there
Male : yes, it seems some of them are awake
Female : I don’t think so,lets go..

They both walk away, blanny stood up as he was soaked with pee. I laughed really hard that everyone almost woke up

Blanny : come wetin de funny now?
Me : wetin no funny, see as monster pee untop ur head, and na even female monster..hahaha
Blanny : e be like say you de mad..
Me ; na my body you fit get power, if na dat short monster now you no go gree talk..

Blanny : but serious o, dose monster no get brain o
Me : why you talk am?
Blanny : u no see as that female stand for my back whey she no even notice?
Me : I wonder self.
Blanny : nawa o, see wetin money de cause
Me : you even know wetin funny pass? That male monster begin tell him wife say him no fit stand for where we de cus we de smell and we come ugly join
Blanny : na thunder go fire them.
Me : abeg make we go our post jare, day go soon brake

We both depart to our point, I signal to blanny just to confirm if everything is alright, he signal back that all is well ,then I saw something coming but this time it looks more awful and strange, I saw a tall huge looking creature as tall as a nepa poll, his hands were taller than the tree am on, I saw darkness and evil in his eyes, I saw evil wind coming behind it, I quickly signal blanny and we both jumped down from the tree, we rushed to wake others.

Immediately we get them informed cus we gat no much time to give them the news in detail, but the problem is where do we run to at this hour of the night?

To be continued

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