Read Story: Journey To Igbo Irumole… Part 23

A story written by ademolar

The next time I opened my eyes, was when someone enter the room and opened the window opposite the be I layed on, I saw a shining atmosphere shining towards my face like a huge touch light, it’s already another day, I said to myself..
I lift myself and sit on the bed, that was when I could get the clear picture of how the girl look, she is a tall curvy girl with nice figure eight shape, omo I almost lost my senses when she turned around, omo see bakasi!!!..

Girl : good morning, how are you feeling now?
Me : am fine.. (I touched my injured spot)
Girl : yesterday, u screamed too much and you lost strength, daddy said it’s because you have not eat anything for day?
Me : *smiled*
Girl : is daddy right?
Me : *i stood silent for a while *
Girl : anyways, my name is joke..
Me : ok am Benjamin
Joke : Benjamin, that’s a nice name
Me : *smile* thanks , so when will you tell me how I get here and how you found me…?

Yet again, the deep voice brakes in again as if he was waiting for me to ask the question..
Man : when you take your drugs and your brakefast
Me : *smiled* ok sir
I took my bath and also the tribal herbs given to me by joke, I was in the room dressing up when joke mistakenly enters, actually I was about to put on my shorts..I quickly cover myself with the towel they gave me..

Joke : oh my gush! Am so sorry..I actually came to tell you it’s brakefast time
Me : don’t be, I should be sorry , cus I left the door open when I was naked..tell daddy I will be there in a jiffy
Joke smiled and walked out of the room,in five minutes time I joined them in the sitting room, with a big bowl of fufu and black soup sitting gorgeously on the table before joke and his father, I sat beside joke and we started eating.

Me : this food is delicious, it taste like my mum’s food..
Joke : I actually cooked that.
Me : hmmm, you are such a good cook joke..
Joke : thanks, I learned that from daddy..
Me : wow! Dad is really a great teacher then..
Joke dad : thanks for the complement..

After eating joke, cleared the table, then I asked joke’s dad how he found me and where we are..
Joke dad : that night , I went hunting, for the whole night all my traps did not catch any animal, so I was very annoyed,i decide to start going home since all my traps are empty, on my way going, I saw you laying in pool of blood, at first I thought it was one of dose monsters who could transformed to human, not until I get to you and I discovered its a human, I thought u were dead so I want to leave you there, but I heard you saying help me, that’s why I bought you here.. this place is not too far from a big town called oke-lisa..

To be continued

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