Read Story: Journey To Igbo Irumole… Part 16

A story written by ademolar

She conclude her statements and she bid us farewell and safe journey..we start moving towards the mountain till she finally disappeared, we didn’t encounter much problem on our way to ogbon’s place cus he always try to secure his territory..

Finally we get to the mountain, to my greatest surprise, everything is being set for easy climbing, cus we climbed the mountain very fast and with much ease. he is truly the wisest creature here (I said to myself) . We got to the entrance and we saw two identical people standing in the entrance of his gate..

Me :this must be his guards (I said to others..)
Sege : but why are they much alike?…
Cynthia : maybe they are twin
Vincent : na true sha.. see as them resemble.
Kola : abeg make we waka, no time to check time..

We got there, we greet them but they didn’t answer, we greet them for the second time before one of them asked who we were looking for. We are here to see ogbon I quickly replied.. for what? The second asked..
Kola : we are here to seek for his advice
Guard 1 : what advice does a human needs from a gods ?
Me : wisdom advice sir..please let us in we don’t have much time..

They both looked at themselves and let us in, we enter the compound and we walked for almost 5 hours before we could get to his main entrance..

Sege : nawa o, this one self teey pass the one whey we spend from our previous spot to the mountain.
Blanny : nawa for this ogbon self jare. See night don reach before we even fit see him door.
Kola : this one na real ogbon, the name and everything fit am..
Vincent : like seriously..

We got to the door and it opens, but what we saw made everyone of us opened our mouth wide.. everyone in the building look exactly identical, no difference, the same voice, and eyes. everything were the same no different..
Cynthia : How person wan take know who be ogbon among them now..
Me : don’t worry let’s keep walking..

We entered and we keep walking down till finally we saw, a young handsome calm looking guy, of about 25 years old sitting patiently on a sofa chair..this must be ogbon I said.. No am ogbon someone else answered..

To be continued

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