Read Story: “Despite All Odds”… Part 51

A story written by BukkyDan ([email protected])…

Jide tip-toed quitely to the kitchen, he’d woken up only to discover his wife was missing. After a whole night of party-ing, everybody slept off in an awkward manner.
The metallic sounds coming from the kitchen affirmed his thoughts that his wife was in the kitchen- she loved kitchen work to bits, and he wondered why she wouldn’t spare someone else’s kitchen, they were in her sister’s house for God’s sake.
Ashley was busy with her pot and spoon, she was warming up the left over rice. Her plan was to eat up the rice before anybody wakes up, the party rice was so sweet that she dreamt of it.

“I knew it!” Jide said startling her.

“Hey…” she tried to compose herself.

“we’re still in someone’s house, stop raiding their kitchen.” Jide chided.

“A good morning kiss won’t kill you.” Ashley frowned, her husband should mind his business.

“Not when you left me to go to someone’s kitchen.”

“Someone? Or my sister?” Ashley continued to stir her rice.

“What are you cooking?” Jide suddenly noticed the pot on the burner.

“don’t even come near my rice o.”

“Which rice?” Jide edged closer.

“party rice.” Ashley emptied it into a plate.

“Its too early to eat, its just a few minutes past 6am”

“Good…so mind your business.” Ashley relaxed by the sink, in readiness to savour her food.

“Wow…thats so inviting” Jide licked his lips.

“See…I’m warning you o”she wagged a finger at him.

“Okay…lets strike a deal…give me your rice and I’ll give a most romantic morning.” Jide stretched forth his palm.

“Do I look like Kenny that you would bribe? I own my husbands body; I can have it anytime-anywhere… so wheres the deal here?” Ashley laughed.

“Give that rice to me or I take it by force.”

“For…” Ashley paused when she heard a knock.
“Oooooh…” she hissed.

“For the last time, this isn’t your house so don’t get cranky.” Jide stated bolting to the door.

“Hi…”he lost his breathe when he saw Joyce. Of all days…he moaned.

“Good morning” Joyce walked in wondering what he was doing in the house so early.

“How u dey?” Joyce’s mother walked in behind her.

“Fine” Jide’s eyes were still fastened on Joyce, whatever made her come back, just when he thought she was gone forever.

“Honey…” Ashley walked into the living room still holding her half-eaten rice. She couldn’t believe her eyes; when she saw Joyce, she wanted to say something but changed her mind.

Joyce after an eye-fight with Jide walked towards her room, she turned the door knob and pushed but the door refused to budge.

“ah ahn…who locked the door?” she asked no one in partcular.

“I did.” Williams voice boomed from the stairway, he was awokened by their knockings.

Ashley exchanged looks with her husband and both sat on a couch to watch another drama unfold.

“Good day to you Mr. Williams, can I have the keys please?” Joyce asked casually.

“It depends on your mission, I thought you left?” Williams frowned.

“I came to get my things.” Joyce replied glancing at her mother to say something but the older woman continued to stare blankly at her.

“Things! Just like that?”

“You should be happy I’m leaving.” Joyce replied.

“Happy? After you nearly destroyed my family? What about our child? I heard you have a daughter.”

“She’s not your child.” Joyce swallowed.

“Good…so all this while you were fixing me up. I’m gonna sue you.” Williams continued carelessly.

Ashley and her husband coughed same time, before readjusting their sitting position.

“My pikin, e never reach like dat. Abeg no vex, anything wey Joy do you forgive am, na devil work.” Joyce’s mother went on her knees.

“Brother…why don’t you let her go? This is God answering prayers.” Jide spoke in yoruba.
Ashley pinched him, he should shut jor.

“Not after the trouble she put my family through.” Williams spat, enjoying how the table seemed to have turned. Initially his plan was to beg Joyce and pay her off, but now Joyce was begging him to let her go, the tears on her face made him smile…

Ashley rose to her feet, her sister and kids need to see and hear this. She ran to the room Kola shared with Kenny, then to Cassandra’s room, but when they came out, Joyce was already packing her things out of the house in tears.

To Be Continued…

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