Read Story: “Despite All Odds”… Part 46

A story written by BukkyDan ([email protected])…

Kemi hummed gently to herself, as her right hand travelled from her large bowl of popcorn to her mouth, while her other hand caressed her tummy. She looked up momentarily at her brother who was sitting few metres away from her, his eyes was totally savouring her ‘precious popcorn’; slowly she pulled the bowl closer to herself.

“Kemi nao…” Dapo pleaded once more.

“what?” she glared at him.

“Please…the popcorn, even just a handful…” He continued to plead.

“Bring your winchy hand into my popcorn and you’ll see.” Kemi threatened.

Dapo crawled towards her with the aim of stealing ‘swiftly’.
Kemi quickly picked the bowl from the table placing it on her laps, She shook a fist at him.

“touch my popcorn and see! Ojukokoro! Enu jati jati! I’ll make sure I punch out your teeth!” she threatened.

Dapo crawled back to his position defeated. He continued to stare at her, till she emptied the bowl; slowly he shook his head making up his mind to revenge anytime soon.

“Lo funmi lomi jor! Ice cold one please,and sparkling!” Kemi ordered.
Without a word Dapo obeyed.

“hmmmn! Lady Kay the wife of Tunji!” she hailed herself as a belch escaped her throat.

Dapo hissed irritated, he shuffled to the kitchen working out different plans.

“Omo Jati jati! Is it paining you? Cos I didn’t give you my guguru?” she called after his retreating figure.

She snuggled into a sofa about to take a nap when the strong aroma of fried plantains hit her nose, she was still recovering from that when that of fried eggs filtered into her nose.
She struggled to a sitting position-salivating.

Soon Dapo walked back to the living room carrying a tray. She watched him as he placed the tray in betwwen his legs, switched on the Tv, before settling down to eat.

“Dapo?” she called, letting her cravings get the best of her.

“Ehen? Kilode? Why are you calling my name like that?” He retorted.

“Just a slice.” she pleaded.

“can’t I eat in peace? Ehn? Leave me alone o! Don’t even come near me o cos I’ll force you into premature labour!” He cranked his fingers shaking both fists.

Kemi watched silently as half the food disappeared into his mouth, she knew he was going to consume the whole food without her getting half a slice.

“If you finish that food ehn? I’d never forgive you, I swear!” she blurted out, her voice shaky like she might burst into tears.

The sound behind her voice made Dapo turn to look at her.
“Jesu Christi !” He screamed as he saw her eyes filled with tears threatening to spill down her face.
“I was only joking o”

“Noo! Continue! God is watching you ” she wiped her tears with both hands.

“Your own share is in the kitchen nao, I was only Joking o” Dapo pleaded with her. He half ran to the kitchen, brought her share of the food; emptied his half-eaten food into hers also.

“You can have them all, I’m so sorry.” He begged, looking scared.

Her tears continued to flow as she rushed the food with her hands ignoring the fork he gave her.

“Sorry o. I never meant it.” Dapo wiped her tears which continued to flow in torrents.


Dapo quickly gave her another glass of water which she drank half way.

“Thank you.” She muttered wiping her face.

She looked up at Dapo who was looking all tensed up, and a roar of laughter escaped her throat. He could only manage a smile.

“Stop looking at me like that jor!” she slapped his hands off her face.

“Tunji must have seen wahala before he travelled.” Dapo heaved a sigh of relief.

Kemi laughed some more, rubbing her over fed stomach.
“Dee…those children are moving again o”.

“Wow!” Dapo rushed to touch her tummy. He laughed when he felt it, double joy! He was personally happy his sister’s tears ended in a good laugh else what would he tell the world. He still couldn’t forgive himself that he was the reason why his sister wept.

Another issue crossed his mind- Sasha! The last time he spoke to Tunji who confirmed Sasha’s perfectly healthy was one of the best moments in his life. Truly, his life revolved around his family.

To Be Continued….

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