Read Story: “Despite All Odds”… Part 44

A story written by BukkyDan ([email protected])…

Kenny followed his mother with his eyes as she walked past him aimlessly to and fro the kitchen, he quickly looked away each time she caught him staring. He had decided earlier to keep to himself, he wouldn’t eat; he always replied their conversations with either a nod or shaking his head. Normally, his parents would all go begging and petting him, but this time around they seemed to care less.

He forced himself to concentrate on the TV as his mother walked back to the living room, she was all dressed for an outing. She dropped a duffel bag few metres away from him, perched on a sofa and began to touch-up her make-up; smacking her lips noisily.

Kenny looked at his mother, then the duffel bag; he wanted to ask her what’s up, but his pride as a pampered child won’t let him. Soon his father walked into the living room going straight to the Tv stand to pick his car keys.

Kenny quickly glanced at the wall clock to be sure if it wasn’t past 9pm already.

“Honey are you set?” Jide clinked the keys.

“Yea , we need to hurry up.” Ashley gave him the duffel bag while she picked her hand bag.

“Where are you going by this time?” Kenny asked breaking his rule.

No reply. Next he heard the door bang behind him, they were leaving.
He gasped in fear of the unknown.

“Dad?… Mummy…” he ran after them to the garage.

“What?” Jide retorted standing by the car.

“Where are you going to?”

“We’re leaving the house for you.” Ashley replied.

“What for?” Kenny looked confused.

“Well…I and my beautiful wife can’t stay under the same roof with an angry little man.” Jide replied.
“We’re gonna book a room in a hotel till we’re able to get an apartment, then we’d come to pack our things.”

“but… What have I done?” Kenny asked fear clearly written all over his face.

“I thought you’re no longer in talking terms with everybody? Your name is on the papers of this property, so we’re leaving your house for you.” Ashley queried

“Mummy please nah…I’m your only child o” he pleaded.

“Only child ke? What makes you think my wife can’t give me more kids if I want? ” Jide feigned annoyance.
Ashley smiled secretly, her husband was a genius.

“Daddy please nah…I promise I won’t do it again..mum please help me beg daddy…you can’t leave me all alone, you’re all I’ve got.” Kenny was on his knees.

“Honey please…”

“Ehn ehn! Don’t even start, I’m leaving this house o, and you must leave with me.” Jide threatened.

“Honey please…he’s already begging.” Ashley managed to retain the laughter bubbling up her throat.

“Okay…so no more keeping malice, no more anger, no more tantrums, and no more hunger strike?” Jide ruled out.

Kenny quickly nodded.
“I’m a new person already, I promise to be a good son.”.

“fine then, but you have to prove that. firstly…I want you to go eat up your dinner.” Jide ordered.

“Thank you daddy-mummy.” Kenny scrambled to his feet taking the duffel bag from them.

“We’re winning.” Ashley whispered as she watched her son scampered into the main building.

“I told you…we need not pet him, give it to him the hard way and he’ll bend.” Jide laughed hugging his excited wife- who was worried over her son’s ‘changed attitude’.

“Maybe you should tell us the reason behind the ‘attitude’ “. Jide said as they both watched kenny down his food as fast as he could.

“I wanna go back to India…to Sasha” Kenny replied washing his hands

“Honey we should tell him?” Ashley nudged her husband.

“Tell me what?” Kenny asked wiping his palms.

“Sasha would be in town this weekend. I spoke with her father this evening” Jide replied.

“uhm?” Kenny held his breathe.

“Yes o…my niece would be in town this weekend- alive!” Ashley replied.

“Somebody please don’t wake me up from this dream.” Kenny shut his eyes.

“Wake up jor!” Jide slapped him playfully.

Kenny didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, whether to jump or stand, whether to run or roll all over the floor. The news wasn’t expected that way, so his very own Sasha would be in town very soon?

“You know what dad? I love you so much!” he hugged his father as tight as he could.

“Hey little man ease up the hug! Don’t get soapy all over me” Jide protested amidst laughter.

“ehn…so you won’t hug and love me abi?” Ashley asked jealously.

“mum your own love is special…” Kenny gave her the best hug he could offer.

To Be Continued….

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