Read Story: “Despite All Odds”… Part 40

A story written by BukkyDan ([email protected])…

Kemi sat lazily on a stool in the kitchen as the helped herself to the leftover food of the night before. She loved being alone, no husband to attend to, no early morning kitchen work..she could wake up anytime she chose to, do her chores anytime she wished and eat whatever she liked- the truth was she hardly cooked, thanks to her mother’s eatery. The only thing she missed about her husband was his presence, his massages and the love he showed her else…

She dropped the empty plate she was eating from, feeling to lazy to walk over to sink to wash her stew stained fingers- she resolved to licking her fingers clean.

“Hmmm, good to be alone.” she chuckled to herself as she let out a loud belch.
She remained in the same position for minutes without any effort to get up, she was enjoying the whole ‘thing’, if Tunji was around he’d be screaming at her to go wash herself or something.

A loud knock nearly made her jump, the babies she was carrying fluttered around.
“cos I’m startled doesn’t mean you should jump too.” She smacked her bulging tummy
“Who knows maybe your father is back, so you should reserve your movements” she continued rising with difficulty.

“I’m coming already.” she shouted as the knockings continued.
She silently prayed it wasn’t Tunji, she wouldn’t want him kicking into a ‘hot bath tub’ thereby disrupting her newly found ‘freedom’.

“Open the door jor, I’m hungry already.” a familiar male voice shouted back in reply.

“Dapo?” she whispered to herself as she unbolted the door.
“the last person I expected to see.” she cried as she hugged her brother.

“Iya Ibeji Eka roo, se dada lewa?” Dapo postrated mockingly.

“Postrate properly jare!” Kemi laughed.

“Call Tunji to do that for you.” Dapo laughed letting her take his bag.

“Tunji travelled o” she announced.

“I know, I called him.” Dapo noted.

“So to what do I owe this early morning visit?”

“To that baby you’re carrying.” Dapo teased.
“I was given few weeks leave, wanted to go home, but decided to come over here…how about that?”

“so nice and I’m happy o…provided you won’t be a pain.” Kemi eyed him.

“Pain abi? Okay lemme start going to my fathers house.” Dapo frowned.

“Haba nah….I was just joking o.” Kemi held his hands.

“So what did you cook?”

“I just ate the leftover eba I had yesternight.”

“Oluwa mi! Kemi? You? Left over food?” Dapo gaped at her bewildered.

“Ehn ehn! Blame it on your nieces and nephews.” Kemi defended.

“eeyyah…sorry o, hope they are kicking properly?” Dapo teased as he followed his siter to the guest room.

“have you heard from Sasha of recent?” Kemi dropped the question

“Why do you ask about her?” Dapo stopped surprised at the change of topic.

“He phone line aint going through, I need her around before next week.” Kemi continued.

“I guess she should be fine.”
“ehen sister mi, hope you have enough ‘kpomo and shaki’ in your stew, cos thats what I feel like eating o” Dapo added tactically changing the subject, the stern warning he got from his father was enough to keep his lips sealed.
Kemi laughed quitely” Oju kokoro”

“that my name” Dapo laughed with her.

“do you have to prove to the world that you are arrogant and s.tupid” Jide screamed at the boy who was fiddling with the TV remote.

“What do you want me to do now?” Kenny asked eyes still fixed on the TV.

“Go back and apologise to them, you need to see the ‘sorry’ scene you caused over there, your aunt is crying, your mum too.” Jide shouted some more.

“Maybe you should lower your voice. I have a headache already” Kenny said in a calm voice.

“don’t you know somethings are better left unsaid? Do you have to open their already healing wounds?” Jide continued

“their wounds is even healing? Mine is still fresh and Cassie just poured salt on it”

“Need I remind you that Sasha is Cassie’s sister.”

“Sasha’s my cousin I know, but more of a sister. I needed a sibling to play with cos I’m an only child, and she needed a playmate as her family hated her…and yes we found solace in each other.” Kenny replied placing the remote and the centre table.
“The only person I feel sorry for is my own self, cos you all don’t care. Even her father who’s with her over there is just acting up, so the world won’t start shouting that his child died after he impregnated another woman…my opinion though”

“Kenny mind your mouth.” Jide scolded.

“I’m sorry dad, lets just face the truth” Kenny concluded picking up the Tv remote once more.

Jide exhaled helplessly.
“Kenny I’d be waiting in the car”

“I’m going nowhere dad.” came the reply.


“Okay…lets go, but i’m not apologising to Cassie o.” Kenny pulled a defeated look.

“We shall see about that.” Jide replied.

To Be Continued….

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