Read Story: “Despite All Odds”… Part 39

A story written by BukkyDan ([email protected])…

Barbra inserted both littles fingers into her ears to block the noise around her, she needed full concentration and a quite environment to study her Bible; but the loud roars of laughter emanating from God knows where won’t let her- she’ve been repeating a single verse in five minutes. She glanced at the wall clock wearily, it was past five already,she had to break her fast by six.
Without much ado; she stamped out of the room in order to shut the mouth of whoever was laughing.

Barbra charged towards Joyce’s room, who else would laugh in that house if not Joyce? She fumed.
Her hand froze on the door knob when she discovered the laughter was coming from the dining section. So Joyce had the guts to bring in guest and serve them food on ‘her’ own dining table? – she fumed. Her anger slowly faded when she saw the laughing guests. They weren’t Joyce’s guests but her own kids. Their face wore the excitement she hadn’t seen for weeks, when last did her kids smile? That was before Sasha fell ill. They spoke to each other in hushed tones only to laugh when something sounded funny.

“Gross! You won’t believe what I have on my list.” Cassandra said recovering from her laughter, she held a notebook and a pen.

“we aint even done yet, we’re definitely gonna suprise her” Kenny snapped his fingers.

“But we need money for all these.” Kola noted going through the list.

“I have not less than twenty thousand naira.” Kenny put up his hands.

“thirty thousand” Cassandra put her hands up.

“five thousand” Kola covered his face to the amusement of others.

“We need more money, but I have an idea” Cassandra noted
“Kenny beg your dad for some, I would take some from my daddy’s study..”
“I’d explain things to him when he gets back” she quickly added when the rest gave her ‘the look’.

“Now I know the thieves in this house.” Barbra spoke up.

They turned to face her, startled.

“Pass that book on.” Barbra ordered as Kenny tried to hide the notebook.

“we aint thieves o” Kenny said innocently giving her the book.

“Hmmn, so this why you won’t let me pray in peace ehn? Aren’t you supposed to be praying too?” Barbra scolded flipping the pages.

The children only exchanged looks.

“Bag of rice, a cow…a cake with eighteen steps…A green coloured customized Ipad…a gold plated customized…” Barbra read through the list.
“whats the meaning of this?” she asked looking visibly irritated.

“Cassie, you’re the eldest, you should lead these kids in prayers, but no! Here you are listing unimaginable things. Cassie need I remind you that your sister is offshores battling for her life? ”

“Mum we’re sorry to disturb you…”

“for the last time, what’s this rubbish list for?” Barbra snarled.

“Errm…” Cassnadra looked confused.

“we’re actually making arrangements for her welcome party.” Kenny helped her out.

“her? Who’s this ‘her’ ?” Barbra asked

“Sasha… should incase she comes back alive.” he replied making emphasis on ‘alive’.

Barbra felt weak, without a word she turned to leave.

“Mum…the book.” Kola whined

“You don’t need it. Kenny where’s your mother?”

“She went out with dad to get fresh bread.”

“Good, Cassie take them inside and lead them in prayers.” Barbra instructed before going back to her room taking their precious ‘list’ with her.

“It was your fault,” Kenny pointed at Cassandra accusingly.

“Liar! Is it not Kola that was laughing so loud? Are you not the one that gave her the book?” Cassandra defended herself.

“like I have much of choice?” Kenny shot at her.

“oh shut up!” she shot back.

“You aint gonna fight me, you don’t got the ability.” Kenny warned.

“oh you forgot your other half is off shores, so lets see how you’ll cope alone. ” the words fell out to quickly. The look on Kenny’s face made her regret every bit of it.
“I’m sorry.” she whispered.

“I’m leaving.” Kenny grabbed his wallet.

“But we’re breaking the fast here, your parents…”

“I’m breaking my fast in my father’s house.” Kenny moved away from her grip.
“You wanna know why that girl is dying?” Kenny paused
“You-her family caused it! She was treated like an outcast, you called her an oddball, a demon…and eiissh. Thanks for using her present state to mock me, sister indeed!” He ran out of the house, slamming the door behind him.

Cassandra lighted the stairs, tears blurring her vision.
“Mummy” she banged the door.

She threw herself at her mother as soon as the door was opened, she wept sore hugging her mother convulsively.

Barbra tried not to stagger under her daughters weight, she led her into the room while listening to Kola who supplied the ‘info’

To Be Continued….

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