Read Story: “Despite All Odds”… Part 38

A story written by BukkyDan ([email protected])…

Kemi hissed angrily as she watched her husband pack some clothes into his travelling bag, he paused to look at her briefly before resuming his packing- a gesture which hyped her anger.

“I said you aint going nowhere, you heard me right?”

He sighed heavily shaking his head, another night of trouble awaits him.

“You better postpone this journey till I put to bed o” She warned again.

“Baby…c’mon, I thought we’ve talked this over. I’m not going on a fancy trip; its an order from the top, we’ve got a new branch in India and I’m going there for some business purposes.” Tunji explained crediting himself for the truthful lies.

“Maybe you should change another lie.” Kemi eyed him.

“You don’t believe me? ” Tunji asked looking offended.

“Tunji, I can’t forget you work in a bank, well banks sends their staffs on trips accepted. The bank you work in is owned by a Nigerian, how comes he opened a branch in India?” Kemi interrogated.

“C’mon we live a world full of business, India’s economy is booming at its peak” Tunji tried again, praying she won’t ask more question cos he might end up telling her he was going to see her sick sister- an action the Williams family won’t forgive him for.

“So when did bankers start putting on native attires?” she asked pointing at the clothes he was packing.

“babes you forget I’m a Nigerian, I have to represent my country. Those coming from scotland would put on kilts.” he managed another lie.

“Hmm, Maybe you should pack all your agbada and caps with an ox-tail to match.” Kemi suggested, Tunji frowned trying his best to laugh.
“Whats that look for?” Kemi quizzed

“I never knew we had trust issues.” Tunji stated with all seriousness.


“Meaning you don’t trust me! All these questions just cos I’m about to embark on a journey? What are you even insinuating?” he looked highly offended

“Honey…its not like that…”

“What not like that? The other day you were going through my phone and now this?” Tunji continued

“Oh Tunji stop it! I never questioned your fidelity, its just that…” Kemi rose to meet him.

“Just that you don’t trust me.” Tunji backed her, it was his turn to be pampered.

“Please Oko mi…don’t take it that far, I’m sorry ” Kemi pleaded burying her face in his back.

Tunji turned to face her, his face lit with smile as he hugged her. Nothing is so easy to manipulate a the heart of a woman.

“Forgiven?” Kemi searched his eyes.

“Uhm..” he kissed her.
He just wished his journey won’t be in vain, Sasha must live.

Micheal continued to press the the bell, even after he heard shuffling feets.
“Stop nah! You want to kill their battery?” his mother chided.

“Who’s that?” Joyce asked turning the keys.
“Yes?” she asked irritated. The thought of Williams not calling her about the baby was making her hate everybody around, imagine? She depends on Barbra for even food to eat. These two strangers standing before might end up tasting a piece of her anger.

“Please is Mrs Williams in?” Ugo asked, trying her best to sound polite.
“we’d like to see her.”

“I’m Mrs Williams too, how may I help you?” Joyce asked.

Ugo exchanged glances with her son, were they in the right house? Micheal summed Joyce up in a look
“You must be Joyce.” He noted, Sasha told him all about her.
“Please can we see the real Mrs Williams,not the Mistress.”

Joyce was about to slam the door when she heard Barbra voice behind them.
“Joyce who are those?”
“Wow…we’ve got Royalty in the house today.” Barbra beamed as she sighted Ugo.

“I’ve asking about you from this woman, and she’ve been talking nonsense, is she your househelp?” Ugo asked gesturing to Joyce was already heading to her room.

A shadow passed acros Babra’s face,
“Please come in, this is your son?” she patted Micheal who murmured some greetings.

“My sister, I heard all that happened o, my husband just told me about your daughter yesterday” Ugo started immediately she sat down, she and Barbra had met countless time courtesy their husbands, just that Barbra was keeping her distance, else they should be close friends.
“So how’s she now, any news?”

“we’re still praying.” Barbra replied quitely.

“We wish her quick recovery ma” Micheal spoke up.

“Amen, what do I offer you…”

“No, we’re just fine.” Ugo said quickly before adding
“that woman that just went in, is she the one that’s pregnant for your husband?”

“How comes she’s still here? You Yorubas are too soft, can’t your children deal with her?” Ugo continued in hushed tones

“ah ahn! Mrs Amaechi, nawa for you o! Let me get you something to drink.” Barbra laughed tactically changing the subject.

To Be Continued….

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