Read Story: “Despite All Odds”… Part 36

A story written by BukkyDan ([email protected])…

” …Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits: who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases; …” Barbra fought back tears as she read her Bible aloud. If only God would look at her trouble and save her and her family.
Kneeling by her bed side, she prayed silently. All she needed from God was forgiveness, if He could forgive her then she was sure her daughter would live.

“…thank you Father, thank you Jesus, and thank you Holy spirit. I believe my prayers are answered. Amen.” she sniffed wiping her tears.

Her heart raced as she heard her phone ring, who could it be? Maybe her husband called to tell her Sasha’s ‘gone’. God forbid- She muttered picking up her phone.
The caller Id only increased her heart beat, Kemi? She mused. Did Tunji make the mistake of telling her about Sasha.

“Hello? Kemi?” she cleared her throat.

“Mummy, ekasan.” Kemi greeted.

“Bawo? How’s my grandchild?”

“I’m fine, your grandchild is kicking.” Kemi cackled.

“That’s good.”

“your voice is so low, what’s wrong?” Kemi noticed

“Nothing at all, I was praying when you called.” Barbra cleared her throat once more.

“Okay o, hope its not Sasha o, how is she ma sef? Naughty girl.” Kemi laughed.

“Oh Sasha? She’s very very fine.” Barbra said quickly.

“This one you’re saying ‘very fine’, I just hope she aint dishing out trouble ehn? Meanwhile how’s Joyce?”

“Joyce?” Barbra echoed.
“She might undergo a C-section this evening, she’ve been into labour for days and you know what that means.”

“Hmm, what has dad got to say?”

“Your father travelled nao” Barbra replied giving herself away.

“to where?”

“Er…just some business trip…you know.” Barbra stammered.

“Okay, mummy its like I’m gonna have twins o, the doctor said so. Mum you won’t believe it, Tunji jokingly named them Sasha and Kenny if its a boy and a girl or Sasha and Kemi if they’re both girls o. That shows the battalion of troublesome grandkids you should be expecting o.” Kemi rattled on.

Barbra felt a lump rise in her throat at the mention of Sasha.

“Mum, are you there?”

“Kemi can we talk later, please, I promise to call you back.” Barbra manage to say, ending the call she let the sob escape her throat.

Williams trembled like a dried leaf blown by the harmattan wind, as some nurses wheeled Sasha past him in a stretcher; he was having breakfast at the hotel when he received the call that something went wrong with his daughter, and here he was shaking as his lifeless daughter was wheeled into a room.

“Dr Krishna!” he called out, as he saw Sasha’s doctor among a team of doctors hurrying after the nurses.

“Mr Williams, thank God you’re here.” the doctor wore a grim look .

“I hope all is well?” Williams quivered.

“The oxygen tank fell out of place,.. Her heart’s at the point of not pumping out blood atall when the nurses got there this morning, there wasn’t enough oxgen in her system…as you can see Mr. Williams…I’m not sure.” Doctor Krishna summarized folding up his lab coat.


“There are no chances at all, Mr. Williams I would suggest you let go.”

“What?!” Williams cried

“we would still try our best.” the doctor hurried on.

Williams slumped into the waiting chair beside him, he was too exhausted to speak- all his energy drained by the news.
Why should he go through all that? He’d promised his wife that he’d go back to Nigeria with Sasha- alive, now the news is trying to be different.
This wasn’t the kind of life he planned, living a life to bury your own children? Was God punishing him for cheating on his wife and impregnating another woman?
If God wanted to punish him, his kids shouldn’t partake in it, they’re not present when he went so low to commit adultery.

Sasha was a special kid, different from all her siblings. The only child who would never ask for anything from you, except you give her yourself. The child that started to act independent before she clocked ten…

“Mr Williams please?” A nurse stood before him, peering at a paper she was holding.

“yes?” his voice was just a mere whisper.

“could you please come with me, there are some papers you need to sign, thank you.”

“Okay,” Williams struggled to his feet, his stomach tied in a knot. Papers? He mused, he prayed its just ordinary papers.

To Be Continued…..

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