Read Story: “Despite All Odds”… Part 26

A story written by BukkyDan ([email protected])…

Sasha gulped down some water to push the ‘chewed yam’ threatening to give her a ‘chest attack’. Yam of course, was a delicacy; if not anywhere but in a house occupied by the Yoruba’. The Williams family was not left out as they ate yam cooked in different styles; with deep concentration. The main dish was boiled yam, then some fried ones- each person may choose to eat it plain or with fried eggs, palm oil sauce, melted butter or stew. One might think a yam festival is taking place.

Sasha eyed her father across the table, whatever was making him so excited- his voice was booming all evening. To her suprise, her father had offered to cook dinner, whatever it was that made him so light hearted was indeed a blessing.
She licked some palmoil off her fingers as she turned her gaze to Joyce. As usual she was mute, she dares not talk; who would she talk to in the first place? That woman should leave her father’s house already.
Her mother was giggling softly as she listened to her father talk, who knows maybe he’s feeding her lies. They should atleast reserve their talks till when they get bed; can’t they see that they’re making Joyce uncomfortable and also eating the almighty yam also known as ‘chest attacker’.

“Daddy…you don’t mind sharing the joke with us..” Cassandra said winking at her father.

“Akproko!” Sasha squeaked almost forgetting she had food in her mouth.
She coughed slightly as the yam almost went the wrong way, the whole situation got complicated when the food decided to lodge in her chest.

“Water…” she croaked.

“Chest attack!” Cassandra said excitedly as she watched her sister gulp down water.

“sorry dear.” Kenny patted her back.

“thank God for my life.” she sighed as her family laughed at her.

“And you Cassie, don’t worrry, your share won’t pass you by! You must have chest attack today!” Sasha snapped her fingers, before turning her attention to her ‘story-telling’ father.

“That boy must be crazy.” Barbra giggled.

“I’m telling you, its like he’s trying to get at his father or something…crazy kids.” Williams continued.

“true enough! If not, he’d have given his father the documents. He really wanted his father fixed in hot soup.” Barbra agreed.

“Which boy?” Sasha couldn’t help asking.

“Amebo!” Cassandra stuck out her tongue, she made sure her mouth was empty before talking, she definitely won’t give her sister the opportunity to jeer at her.

“Micheal, the boy that came this morning.” Williams replied.

“Ehen! What did he do?” Kola spoke for the first time.

“Some office documents got missing, he found them; instead of giving to his father, he brought them over. What do you think? He apparently wanted his father in trouble.” Williams explained.

Barbra laughed once more and the kids joined her except Sasha.

“stubborn boy! And its only kids with dreadlocks that can do such wickedness.” Cassandra commented sticking out her tongue once more.

“Yes oh yes! Just like the one I have in my house…so stubborn…very very naughty species” Williams pointed at Sasha, and everybody laughed once more.

“Ah ahn! Dada mi…laugh nao…abi sen binu si mi ni?” Williams asked.

Sasha managed a smile, her thoughts not with them. To her Micheal did a very good job, he deserved a hug for a job well done- there’s no use helping a selfish father who doesn’t have you in mind. She’d have done worse than he did if she were in his shoes.

“Hmmmm.” Joyce sighed, washing her hands- she’ve cleared her plate already.

As expected, all eyes turned to her.
“It’s only in this family, that everybody gets amused if a child is naughty.” she made a face placing her used napkin in her plate.

“Well that why we are ‘the Williams’ . Always happy, full of joy, bubbling with laughter….learn to live with it madam.” Cassandra flashed her a smile.

“Errm..Sasha?” Barbra called just in time, as her mouth was already shaping words.

“Would you and Kenny come to my room after the meal? i’ve a message from Kemi.”

“Post-utme right?” Kenny asked fishing out onions from his eggs.

“Yes! How did you know that?” Barbra asked happy for the change of topic.

“She told us too, we spoke on phone this morning.” Kenny replied.

“Good night.” Joyce rose to her feet.

“Good night”

“Yea good night to you o.” Kenny said sarcastically.

“yea, and please dream of us.” Sasha winked puttting her left hand around Kenny.

“And me too” Kola chirped innocently.

“and I tell you…that nightmare would an experience you would forever remember.” Kenny called after Joyce who was already walking away.

To Be Continued….

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