Read Story: Blind Desire… Part 53

A Story Written By Aartial D

Dedicated to all my fans and readers.

Bonus Episode.

Before i knew what was happening, i had spent almost everything i had in my account. Dont ask me how. Ralph!

Ralph had constantly decieved me into withdrawing large sums of money from my account and that of the company for meaningless things which i didnt bother to find out what it was for.

I had the money so the finances wasnt the problem, coupled with aunt Chime’s extravagant fees. Today she called for twenty million, another day she called for fifteen, twenty five. And the so called business she was investing all the money in, i didnt know. And i wasnt seeing the outcome. If she was throwing the money into the deep blue sea, i did not know.

My affair with Ralph increased everyday to the extent that i told Chief i was going for business meetings abroad then Ralph and i travelled abroad for a whole month, just being with each other.

And when i found out i was pregnant, i was more than convinced it was Ralph’s. I wasnt sad, infact, it was a moment of joy for Ralph and i. That was when we decided to have our last strike.

We killed Chief. Chief was murdered in cold blood by assasins sent by us.

After he was killed, Elder Conrad was also killed and then we faked a will stating he willed everything to me and his unborn child. Rooney and his other children didnt get a pin.

That was when Rooney brought out the pictures of Rain and i hugging. He stated that i was having an affair and that i wasnt worthy of his father’s chain of companies.

But surprisingly, Rina stood by my side. She told him she knew Rain was an employee in our company and i would never stoop so low to sleep with a common employee.

I sold all of Chief’s properties, everything and fled the country with Ralph. I left Ifeanyi with aunt Chime and i left them with a huge amount of money.

If i had thought that my life was already fulfilled, then i was just joking. My life only started.

SEASON 2 starts next Month by God’s grace. I thank you all for your supports, advice and encouragements, if not for all of una, what would i have do? Lol
Bye and i love you all. Merry Xmas to all of you. Muahhhhh

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