“Lara, we have already found the chemical dealer from whom you bought cyanide. He is willing to testify in court that he sold cyanide to you. Besides, we have receipts from him to confirm that you actually signed for the cyanide at purchase. You should come clean with us now. Who paid you to poison Biola?” Lara said nothing. She stared at the floor. “Talk before I smack your face!” Sule yelled at her. Another policeman dashed in and threatened to shoot her. Another one entered with an electrocution contraption.

“We are going to shock you if you don’t speak the truth,” one of the policemen threatened. Shaking, she began to talk as a torrent of tears clouded her eyes. “I have loved him for as long as I can remember,” she said. “Loved who?” “Biola. I wanted him…I did everything he asked of me, and…and…and he overlooked me and chose Modupe over me…Modupe that I introduced to him,” she cried.

“So you decided to kill him?” “It hurts to watch him and Modupe together. It hurt enough to watch him date Bimbo all those years. I knew she was not right for him…and when he finally realized it, he chose Modupe over me. And, he had the effrontery to ask me to organize his engagement party. His engagement party to Modupe! Can you imagine? He was going to ask Modupe to marry him and he had to ask me to organize the food, drinks, and what have you. What am I? His errand girl? I had to stand and watch him ask her out? It hurt far too much. I wanted to take him out. I could not bear to see him marry Modupe,” Lara explained. There was pin-drop silence in the interrogation room.

Sule peered at his colleagues and they at him. None of them could believe what they just heard. “Did you per chance try to hurt Modupe?” Sule asked somberly. He looked shell-shocked. Lara said nothing at first, wiping tears off her face with her handcuffed hands. She sneezed and wiped her nose. “Answer me before I slap your evil face!” One of the police interrogators yelled. “You were the person that hired a killer to kill Modupe, right?” Sule repeated. Staring at the floor, she nodded her head. “Yes, I wanted her killed so I could have Biola after he broke up with Bimbo.”

“You are evil. You are the devil himself!” Yelled a policeman. Seyi looked on through the glass window. “We had the devil in our midst all along,” he said quietly to Bimbo who was in tears. “Biola thought that I was the one that attempted to kill Modupe,” Bimbo replied. “I thought the same thing too.” “I would never do a thing like that. I am not the best person around, but murder? No, that is one thing I am completely incapable of.” “Come, let’s get you out of here. You have been through a lot over the past few days. I am really sorry about Dayo. I will miss him dearly despite our differences. He and I were friends from perhaps, when we were teenagers. I will miss the good old days.” “I don’t really know how to feel about him. It feels like I never knew him at all. It feels like I don’t even know who I am.” “Starting now, you can carve out a whole new path in life for yourself, Bimbo. Choose who you want to be and begin to live accordingly, starting today.” “Thank you,” Bimbo said, hugging him.

Cece Winans’ song, For Always was played by the organist as Modupe and her father marched down the aisle.

Remembering so well
The day that I met you
You took me in your arms
And caused dreams to come true
From the fear of what would be
You came and rescued me

Lord I pray today
For the rest of my life
Live inside my heart
Please stay
For always
Til that timeless place
When we’re face to face
And we’ll embrace
For always…

Modupe sang along to the song, with a ravishing smile on her face as she marched majestically with her father. Her wedding gown glowed with splendor as she walked with a scintillating smile on her face. Around her neck was a necklace made of glossy white beads. She wore a watch with white straps to match and a pair of white shoes. Her cousins held her wedding gown behind and red roses adorned the aisle.

She and her father stood before the pastor. Soon, Biola who had made a miraculous recovery marched towards her. He smiled broadly as he walked towards Modupe, who turned every now and again to look at him. Their eyes met each time, locked in a serene moment of indescribable love and deep connection. The wedding ceremony and the reception were immaculately beautiful. Biola smiled from ear to ear, and so did Modupe. They could hardly take their eyes off each other, eager to get to the end of the day when they could spend time together, alone.

“I can’t stop thinking that I could have died after the poisoning,” Biola said at night when he and Modupe laid next to each other. They had made love for the first time. “I want to live each day as if it were my last. If I had died, I would never have fulfilled one of my deepest desires – to be married to you, Modupe. I feel like God sent me back from the other side to come and be the best possible husband I could be to you. If you want me to, I will use my clothes to mop the floor every morning for you,” he teased. “You are the one who deserves that treatment, Biola, my love,” Modupe countered. “Well, if you knew how much you mean to me, and how much I value being married to you, then, you’d understand how I feel.” “I understand how you feel, darling, because I feel the same way too. I love you so deeply that not even the most technologically advanced computer can measure the depth of my love for you”

“Well, I came close to marrying the wrong person. Not because she is an evil person, per se, but because she and I are not necessarily, the best match. Then, I came close to dying, and somehow, God brought me back.” “That makes the two of us then, my love. I nearly got killed because of you sweetheart.” “You are right…you are right. I never want to let you off my side again. I will protect you with my last breath.” “I love you very much, Biola.” “I love you too, Modupe.” His mouth moved over, searching for her lips. When he found them, he latched onto them like a suckling baby. They kissed passionately, kicking the bed sheets onto the floor. A few minutes later, they were moaning breathlessly, out of sheer satisfaction.

Modupe returned to work, expanding her wedding planning business a few months after their honeymoon in Italy. Less than two months after their return from Italy, she discovered that she was pregnant. The news left both herself and Biola ecstatic. Bimbo married the guy she had met at the bank after her psychotherapy session. She severed all ties with Akin and their older sister, making a clean break from Dayo’s family. She did get her big beautiful wedding finally and an extravagant honeymoon in south of France and Greece. Seyi married Isabell, finally settling down as he shut the doors on his playing days with young girls. Isabell had been wary of returning to wintry England. Her quick sessions with Seyi grew into regular times together and later on, love was bellowing in the air. They had a quiet wedding in the USA.

Seyi made sure to have her sign a prenuptial agreement before the wedding. Miranda found love and married shortly after graduation, and so did Uzoamaka, who moved to Australia with her husband. Akin received a suspended jail term for cooperating with the police to bring down Dayo’s secret empire. Most of the people that worked on illicit deals for Dayo both in Nigeria and abroad were arrested and sentenced to jail. Yusuf was sentenced to ten years in prison for cooperating with the police while Jimoh was condemned to death by firing squad. Isabell who started a boutique on the Island after her marriage to Seyi made sure to help Princewill’s family financially. Seyi also chipped in to help them. Lara was sentenced to life in prison. Biola’s accounting firm blossomed and so did the love he shared with Modupe!


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