“How did you kill him?” Sule asked Yusuf, slapping him hard across the face. “I am prepared to kill you. I swear, we will shoot you and dump you in the forest just like that young man you killed and no one will ever find you!” Sule shouted. Yusuf and Jimoh had been separated. The kidnappers had called to tell Sule that he had six hours before his family would be executed. A blend of anger and fear swept through his veins. He stomped on Yusuf’s right foot furiously, and hit him across the face with the butt of his gun. “It was…it was…” Yusuf stuttered. “It was what? Who?” Sule asked, hitting him with the gun again.

“It was Jimoh’s idea. He tells me what to do and I do it.” “You don’t know who he works for? You never drove him to the main boss’ house? Who pulled the trigger?” “Chief Dayo, sir. Chief Dayo is the main boss. I have been to his estate several times with Jimoh. He was the one that pulled the trigger, sir!” Yusuf confessed. “Now, put it in writing,” Sule ordered. As soon as they got Yusuf’s confession in writing, Sule’s dashed to his boss. “We can go after Dayo now, sir. With this confession, it is clear that he is behind the kidnapping of my family,” he explained anxiously.

“You are right, Sule, but we do not have a direct evidence linking Dayo to the crime.” “What more do we need? Does my family have to die before we act on this man?” “You know he is far too powerful. The inspector general of police has already called to inquire about this case, Sule.” “But we have a job to do…” “Yes, we do…I am thinking of the best option to take.” “We have less than three hours before they execute my family!” “They won’t dare do that. Once we have Yusuf and Jimoh here, they won’t touch them.” “What do they stand to lose? They can just kill them and vanish into thin air!” Sule was animated. Then, the phone rang. Sule grabbed the receiver hurriedly.

“Hello!” He yelled into the mouthpiece, breathing fast. “Sule, they slashed my left wrist with a knife and they are threatening to shoot the children and I soon. Do what they want, honey!” “I am doing all I can, sweetheart. I will get you out soon…” The line went dead. Sule sat back on the chair with sweat pouring down his face.

“Thanks for coming over, Lara,” cried Modupe. “It has been very hard. I don’t know what’d do without Biola. He does not deserve this. He is such a great guy!” “I can imagine what you are going through,” said Lara. “I brought you some snacks from the bakery near my house – your favorite bakery.” “Thanks a lot, Lara.” “Not to worry Modupe, that is the least I can do for you. The pleasure is mine. So the doctors have confirmed that he was poisoned?” “Yes, cyanide poisoning.” “That is terrible. Is he improving at all?”

“We are beginning to see some improvement. He was able to open his eyes for the first time this morning. He could not speak though, but I feel like we are making progress.” “Thanks be to God. Can I see him?” “The doctors are working on him. He is undergoing his last round of detox today. Hopefully, you will stay long enough to see him when he comes out of the theater.” “Yes, I hope so. I’d love to see my dear friend.”

“Go ahead, eat something. Sorry, I forgot to get you some juice or something else to drink. Not to worry, I will run out there and buy a can of juice for you. You have been through a lot. Sit back and rest,” Lara offered. “Thank you very much, Lara.” Modupe opened the bag that Lara had handed her moments ago and began to sift through the snacks. She took out a loaf of hot, freshly made bread, tore open the wrap and proceeded to place a piece in her mouth. “Modupe!” Seyi shouted, bursting into the room.

“Yes, sir,” Modupe answered, munching on the bread. “I was told that Lara was here. Where is she?” “She left me with these snacks. She has gone downstairs to get me some juice.” “She gave you those?” “Yes sir, why?” “Have you eaten any of it?” “Just a bite, why?” “Spit it out!!! Go to the bathroom and spit it out, Modupe. It is very likely that Lara had a hand in Biola’s poisoning.”

“What?” Modupe sped to the bathroom as fast as her legs could carry her. She spat everything in her mouth out, rinsing her mouth with water repeatedly. “What is going on?” She asked Seyi when she returned to the room. “Good afternoon, sir,” Lara greeted. She was carrying cans of fruit juice in a bag. “Officers, please arrest her,” Seyi instructed the police officers who had been standing outside. “What? Me? What is going on?” Lara asked. She wore a bemused look on her face. “What is it, sir?” asked Modupe who was still confused. “I will explain to you later. Officers, please take her to the station for questioning,” Seyi instructed. “Why? What have I done? All I did was to try to help!” Lara was shouting as they whisked her away.

“What is going on?” Modupe asked as soon as the police left with Lara. “Tunde, please send these snacks to the lab. The doctor’s need to test it for cyanide and other possible poisons.” Seyi’s aide, Tunde obliged him. He took the bag of snacks and sent it to the lab. “Modupe, we have been investigating everyone at the party that night. Obviously, Lara was in charge of the food. She organized the caterer and she supervised the kitchen. If anyone had the opportunity to poison Biola, it had to be Lara,” explained Seyi.

“But why would she do that? She and Biola have been friends for as long as I can remember.” “I am suspecting that one of my competitors may have paid her to kill my son.” Modupe was shaking in fear. The whole situation was becoming too convoluted.

“I need to run to the station. I am sure we will dig up some information after Lara is questioned by the police. When he reached the door, he was surprised to see Bimbo asking the security to let her through. “Bimbo, is everything okay?” Seyi asked. “Good evening, sir. I was asking to be let through to see you.” “Let her though, please.” “I have something I would like to share with you, sir.” Modupe walked outside on hearing Bimbo’s voice. “Hi Bimbo!” Modupe said. “Hello, how are you?” “I am surviving.” “I heard about Biola. I am really sorry.” “Thank you. We are trusting God for his recovery.” “So, what is it that you want to discuss with me, Bimbo?” “Can we talk privately, please?” “I’d rather we discuss in front of Modupe. She is a part of my family now.”

Bimbo, who had spent the previous night in a hotel for fear of returning to Dayo’s house, described the discussion she had overheard to Seyi and Modupe. She went further to play the recording to them. “You are not safe anymore, Bimbo. I knew your mother very well. I will do my best to protect you. For now, you will come with me. I need that recording. I will do all I can to stop Dayo from killing an innocent woman and her children. Modupe, please stay back.” “Please be careful,” Modupe suggested. “I will be fine, my daughter.”

“What is going on here?” Dayo barked at the police team that arrived on his property looking for him. “You are under arrest, chief.” “Under arrest? For what? Have you any idea what you are saying? You could lose your job with one phone call from me.” “You should either come with us or we’ll have to arrest you forcibly.” Dayo got dressed and followed them into the police vehicle. He had Akin follow them behind. He quickly called the inspector general of police. “I am afraid; the case against you is very strong, Chief Dayo,” said the inspector general. “The president has okayed your arrest, I am really sorry, my friend. You have to answer some questions, Chief,” the inspector added.

“Chief Dayo, we have evidence that you are responsible for the abduction of Sergeant Sule’s family. You have the opportunity to make a call and have his wife and children released or face the wrath of the law.” Sule’s boss explained on Dayo’s arrival at the station. “I do not know what you are talking about,” Dayo replied. The police DPO played the recording to him. His heart began to race. He clenched his fists in anger. Slowly, he tilted to his left and fell off the seat. He suffered a debilitating heart attack.

They rushed Dayo to the hospital. Sule and the DPO interrogated Akin extensively. Eventually, they were able to extract information from Akin, which led them to where Sule’s family was being held. They raided the building and freed them. Sule was thrilled to have his wife and children back. He wrapped his arms around them in tears.

“Daddy! Daddy!” His children shouted. They looked emaciated. His wife cried uncontrollably, out of joy. They were quickly rushed to hospital for routine checks before returning home with Sule. “I love you, honey,” Amina said through tears. “I knew you’d come for us.” “I’d give anything to protect you and the kids,” Sule replied in relief. Two days later, Dayo died of heart failure in the hospital.


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